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The 5 Biggest Advantages of Cloud Backups | Asigra

The 5 Biggest Advantages of Cloud Backups | Asigra | Asigra

Data has become one of the most important assets any business might have. That is why it has become crucial to have cloud backups. Businesses are increasingly moving to cloud backup, looking for companies and service providers that will offer them safety and protection for their data.

Failing to do so might result in your organization losing critical data through malware, accidents, or natural disasters. Asigra has listed some of the top benefits of cloud data backups below.

    1. Offsite Protection (Air-Gapping)

One of the biggest advantages of cloud backups are that it offers offsite protection. Even though one of the most common reasons for data loss is human error, data is also at risk from accidents and malicious activities. Fires, data corruption, and ransomware can damage your onsite data making cloud backups a powerful addition to your backup strategy.

Cloud protection offers an additional layer of safety, meaning the files cannot easily be destroyed by an unforeseen emergency. Cloud backup can serve as a form of air-gapping which can provide some protection from malicious actors. Note that your data can still be vulnerable to time-bombed ransomware attacks known as Attack-LoopsTM.

    1. Remote Access

Another advantage cloud backups offer is the ease of access. The idea behind cloud backups is that they can be accessed anywhere at any time. This applies to companies with a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment for data storage and management.

Regardless of where you are, you will need an internet connection to access the backup. It can help restore data faster than offsite tapes shipped to you. For large data sets and restores, you need to consider the amount of data being restored and your available bandwidth.

    1. Automated backups

As important as it is, backing up data can be very tedious, especially when done manually. This is one of the reasons why many companies struggle with regular daily backups. However, the best cloud service providers offer automated backups, which is easier and more convenient. Those backups can even be continuous, backing up data as it’s changed, providing you with exceptionally low RPOs.

    1. Cost-effective

Cloud backups are also more cost-effective than other alternatives. Even though there are ways to reduce costs, traditional offsite or onsite backups and their maintenance can be very costly. However, the type of quality cloud backups offered by companies like Asigra is very cost-effective.

Apart from the ease of backup, the best cloud backups are supported by various other services. These include server monitoring, regular upgrades, maintenance, and security. All these are performed on an automated basis.

    1. Safety & Security

The sheer volume of malware attacks perpetrated every year means the safety and security of your data are of absolute importance. According to surveys, upwards of 40 million attacks happen every other month. What’s more, most of these attacks will often go unnoticed. Given such numbers, the chances of losing data from an attack are high. As a result, the safety and security that such cloud backups offer cannot be ignored.

Reliable cloud backups using Asigra Tigris ensure that there is a continuous backup of your data in a way that hunts and kills ransomware. We offer a multilayered approach that features intelligent antimalware detection and CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction). With such protection, you are guaranteed the highest levels of safety and security.

Avoid Data Breaches & Risks with Asigra!

Having a comprehensive cloud backup puts you in control of what needs to be restored first, and what can be ignored. Whether you need to restore an entire drive, a single email, or a complete account, Asigra Tigris can restore your data and have your business operating again quickly.

If you have any questions regarding cloud backup services, contact the experts from Asigra online today or call (416) 736-8111 or 1 (888) 736-9901 (Toll-Free) to request a demo!

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