Protect critical cloud-based app data

It’s their cloud, but your business. Ensure your backup strategy includes data residing in third-party cloud applications, platforms, and services.

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Reclaim control of business information residing outside your data centers.

As businesses increasingly seek the agility of cloud-based applications and platforms, many overlook potentially significant trade-offs in data protection.

Relying on the service provider to backup your data may present serious risks, from lost intellectual property to compliance.

Don’t take for granted that data will always be accessible. SLAs usually cover technical service outages, but not user error. What if a someone accidentally deletes an important file you later need for business or regulatory compliance?

It’s your organization’s responsibility to protect critical corporate data in cloud-based applications and platforms the same as any other data.

Fully Manage Backup and Recovery of Cloud-based Application Data

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Adapt to Any Cloud Strategy

Whether an organization adopts a public, private or hybrid cloud environment, Asigra ensures reliable protection.

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Deploy with Ease

Mass deploy backup configurations to hundreds of cloud application users at once for consistent protection. New users are automatically detected for inclusion.

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Select Backup Frequency and Retention

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements by ensuring that data is protected as often and for as long as required, while retaining access to data at all times.

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Securely Store and Encrypt Data

Ensure unauthorized users do not have access to the backup information. All backup data is compressed, encrypted, and deduplicated for storage.

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Restore at Any Granularity

Recover a single email or a complete mailbox. Locate specific items and restore any or all directly to a user’s account or an alternative location.

Automate Cloud Data Protection with Asigra

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Microsoft Office 365

Easily schedule the creation of point-in-time backup copies of mailboxes and corporate data residing in Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business — with no limitations on data volumes or number of mailboxes.

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G Suite by Google Cloud

Automatically back up all corporate data in G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps), including email, contacts, documents, calendars, and sites the same as you would protect on-premise data.

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Protect customer information, accounts, contacts, leads, attachments, custom objects, chatter activity, and setup (personal, administrative and application).

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Automate the snapshots of one or more AWS EC2 instances without writing extensive scripts. View and manage all your snapshots through a simple interface, and automatically restore, copy, delete, migrate between regions, start, stop, launch, and delete the snapshots on the fly.

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