Asigra Tigris | Backup Manageability

Maximum Manageability. 

Minimum Effort.

Our unique agentless architecture allows Service Providers to deploy new clients rapidly, update easily, and control everything with a single pane of glass to manage the entire backup ecosystem. 

Agent-based backup solutions can add hundreds and thousands of hours to your backup administrative burden.

1 s

of Hours Saved

Agent-based backup systems have a direct impact on your data security, recoverability, and costs. It’s important that IT managers should understand the downsides that accompany agent-based solutions.”
Kris Price BrightCloud

Benefits of an Agentless Backup Architecture

Our unique agentless architecture uses DS-Client modules deployed to each LAN site that centrally and securely manages backup and recovery for all endpoint devices.

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The DS-Client

The DS-Client is a secure data collector installed on your client's LAN that allows you to backup and restore data from target end-points (clients, servers, and VMs)  that sit on the same network.  

The DS-Client pulls data from end-points, performs our next-generation antimalware scanning and other security checks, then encrypts and sends backup data to the configured backup storage repository.  

All functions of the DS-Client are managed by a single pane of glass management console, giving you maximum control with minimum impact on endpoints. 

Single Pane of Glass Simplified Management

Simplified management is provided by a centralized command centre called the Asigra Management Console.

The management console gives you real-time visibility & control over your entire client backup environment portfolio through an intuitive interface, regardless of the size or complexity, even controlling multi-tenanted environments.

With detailed dashboards, comprehensive reporting, and optimized alerting you’ll have all the information you need to quickly find and fix issues and ensure your data is ready to be recovered when you need it most. 

Confidently Compliant 

Identify and manage data sets that need to be kept for longer periods of time for legal, compliance or audit needs.  

Asigra Tigris also includes features to ensure compliance with major regional regulations, like GDPR.

Expansive Data Protection and Deployment Flexibility

 Asigra Tigris offers the greatest deployment flexibility by being storage, location, and OS agnostic.  

Storage options include DAS, SAN, NAS, pre-configured appliances, or cloud storage.   You can deploy Tigris in your own data center or the public cloud of your choice. In addition, it’s flexible enough to run on Windows, Linux, or Mac.  

And what it backs up is also expansive.  Tigris supports all major Operating Systems, servers, databases, and virtual machines, plus data from a growing number of cloud-based SaaS applications, including Microsoft 365, Salesforce, & Google Workspace.  



It is my job as CIO of the City to find technologies that are flexible, agile, and scalable to meet the rapidly changing landscape, across people, processes and infrastructure.  At the same time, I was looking for solutions that are affordable in times of budgetary constraint.” 
Brent Nair Chief Information Officer at The City of Memphis

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