Ransomware and Backup Protection for Financial Services

Banks, credit unions, and financial services businesses manage a great deal of highly sensitive information, and their clients rely on them to safely do business, plan for the future, and live their daily lives. Keeping financial data safe is essential — and Asigra can help.

When disaster strikes, every minute counts.

According to the FBI, more financial organizations reported ransomware attacks in 2021 than any other critical infrastructure sector except healthcare.

Advanced ransomware often remains dormant in your backups until you attempt to recover them — and then it strikes again, initiating what we call an Attack Loop™.  

You may not be able to stop malicious code from entering your environment, but you can hunt it. Our Tigris Secure Backup solution uses real-time antimalware scanning to isolate malicious code and alert administrators of infections.

1 %

increase in financial losses from ransomware between 2020 and 2021

Source: FBI


days = average time between a cyber breach and detection

Source: IBM & Ponemon Institute

$ 1 k

per hour = cost of downtime for 81% of enterprises surveyed

Source: ITIC

1 %

of SMBs go under within 6 months of a major data loss or disaster

Source: Vistage & Cisco


When financial data is at stake, manageability matters.

Not only do easy-to-manage backup security tools make incident recovery simpler and more effective, but they also take less time for your IT department to deploy and maintain. Tigris’ agentless functionality decreases your attack surface and helps endpoint devices run faster. A single, flexible management console gives you full visibility across different locations and can manage it all in the way that's best for your business.

Protect your sensitive data with Asigra.

When you deploy our industry-leading antimalware and backup security, you’re going above and beyond to prevent bad actors from gaining access to confidential client information and other sensitive data. Don’t leave your firm exposed - plan ahead with Asigra.

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