Backup Solutions for Enterprise SaaS Applications

It’s their cloud, but your business data. Asigra backup solutions for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace protect client data residing in third-party cloud applications, platforms, and services.

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Why Invest in SaaS Data Protection

As businesses increasingly seek the agility of cloud-based applications and SaaS storage, many overlook potentially significant trade-offs in data protection.

Relying on the service provider to back up your data may present serious risks, from lost intellectual property to compliance.


You Are Responsible For Your Data

Don’t take for granted that your data will always be accessible. SLAs usually cover technical service outages but not user errors or malicious deletions. What if someone accidentally deletes an important file you later need for business or regulatory compliance?

It’s your organization’s responsibility to protect critical corporate data in cloud-based applications and platforms the same as any other data. You need to backup up SaaS data just like any other. 

Saas App Adoption is Growing

More enterprises are adding SaaS applications as part of their workflows. However, most SaaS vendors do not include backup services as part of their Service Level Agreements. If your on-premises application data is important enough to protect, why should your SaaS application data be any different?

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of businesses use one or more SaaS solutions

Source: BMC Software 


of business-critical data resides in SaaS applications

Source: ESG Global


Only 16% of businesses backup their SaaS applications

Source: Statistica


Microsoft retains your Microsoft 365 data for only 90 days. 

Automate SaaS Protection with Asigra Tigris Secure Backup

  • microsoft@2x

    Microsoft 365

    Easily schedule the creation of point-in-time backup copies of mailboxes and corporate data residing in Microsoft 365 Exchange Online,  SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Groups, and Teams — with no limitations on data volumes or the number of mailboxes.

  • logo_google_workspace_md

    Google Workspace

    Automatically back up all corporate data in Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), including email, contacts, documents, calendars, and sites, the same as you would protect on-premises data.

  • salesforce@2x


    Protect customer information, accounts, contacts, leads, attachments, custom objects, chatter activity, and setup (personal, administrative, and application).

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