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Asigra Tigris |  Superior Recoverability

Recovery is Everything. 

Every File Should Be Recoverable.

The real test for your backup software comes when you need to recover a file — or your entire IT environment. Up to 50% of all backups fail, but with Asigra Tigris, you can be confident that your client data is recoverable when it matters most.

Automatic File Repair with Autonomic Healing

One of the major causes of backup failure is data corruption. Most data corruption errors aren’t caught until a restore is attempted. Tigris periodically and automatically assess backup files, and when corruption is detected, a request is made to back up the corrupted file again during the next backup, improving recoverability rates. 

Restore Confidently with Restore Validation

Testing backups is vital to validating recoverability, but backup tests can be time-consuming and admins may lack the systems and storage to which to restore for testing.

Asigra allows for backup tests to be run in memory, making testing easy, fast, and resource free, so you can be more confident in your ability to restore.

Incremental Forever and Granular Restore For Fast Any-file, Any-time Recovery

Asigra Tigris optimizes backup windows by allowing incremental forever backups - rebuilding full backups from incremental changes and can reverse that to restore files at any point in its history.  

It also allows granular recovery of files so that small recovery jobs can be performed without waiting for a full backup restore to complete.  

Restore Validation is a great tool to check if backup can be restored and can be used in DR drill because it simulates restoration without the need of target resources.” 
Erich E Mid Marketm

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