Ransomware Protection

Stop malware threats from silently targeting your backup data.

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What will you do when ransomware locks you out?

It’s not as simple as recovering your latest backup.

Organizations must guard against malware on many fronts. But as devices on your network proliferate and connect to a growing constellation of online services, the universe of potential attack vectors expands. In fact, it may be impossible to stop malicious code from ever entering your IT environment.

Your backup data is your last line of defense. Without it, you have nothing to fall back on when ransomware strikes.

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Advanced ransomware lays low, undetected, for months before it detonates. While it waits, it infiltrates your backup repositories. Now, restoring a backup also restores that long-hidden, dormant ransomware, triggering a costly Attack-Loop™ that could set back your IT environment months. In some cases, ransomware even deletes your old backups.

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Prevent Ransomware for Good

Only Asigra stops the ransomware Attack-Loop™. Our sophisticated signature-less malware detection engines identify and quarantine unauthorized or malicious embedded code, including unknown and “zero day” attacks, from penetrating backup and replication streams.

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Bi-Directional Malware Detection

On backup, all files are scanned in real-time, isolating malicious code and alerting administrators of infection. Before restoration, legacy recovery files are scanned again to prevent the Attack-Loop™.

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Zero-Day Exploit Protection

Our signature-less technology does not only rely on a database of known malware to identify unauthorized code.

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Variable File Naming

Renames file repositories in non-standard formats to prevent recognition and deletion of your backups by viruses.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Requires a second authentication (2FA) in order to delete backup repositories

White Paper

Creating a Secondary Perimeter to Detect Malware in Your Enterprise Backup Environment

The Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG) is a leading third-party product evaluator in the IT space. They recently did a deep dive into the three most common forms of backup protection from malware—Sandbox, Snapshot Analysis and Inline Scan—and identified one as the clear favourite.

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Case Studies


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View case studies from different industries and how they have integrated the Asigra cloud backup and recovery solution.

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PCS Trade Union

Began an initiative to enhance its hardware, software and services to strengthen its IT operations to ensure security and compliance.

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UK Backup

UK Backup provided a large UK retailer a cloud based data protection solution to protect their data.

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