Replacing Tape Backup: Why Organizations Switch To Cloud

Between business continuity, regulatory compliance and rising IT infrastructure costs, organizations across every industry are rethinking how they manage data. In many cases, they’re coming to the same conclusion: tape backup no longer meets their requirements.

A new case study featuring UK Backup, an Asigra cloud backup partner located in the south of England, tells a story that’s happening in offices across the UK. Nacro, a non-profit social justice organization with about 900 employees in 12 offices, needed a more flexible data management solution that could handle over 5TB.

Untenable Inefficiencies

As Nacro experienced exponential data growth, the inefficiencies of tape backup became increasingly clear. The scalability, manual recovery and management of legacy tape technology was simply no longer tenable.

Nacro needed a solution that ensured reliable infrastructure and data availability, while accommodating its mixed IT environment of both physical and virtual servers and easily scaling to its changing business needs. The team at UK Backup immediately recognized that cloud backup powered by Asigra would be an ideal fit to help Nacro achieve its goals

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To find out how UK Backup helped Nacro make the switch to cloud backup powered by Asigra, read the full case study.

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