Panasonic India Deploys Progressive Infotech’s Cloud Backup Service Powered by Asigra

Posted by Zaid Rasid

With offices that employ approximately 12,500 employees, Panasonic India needed to address its need for an endpoint data backup solution. The organization suffered from frequent data loss, as well as extensive time and resources spent on data recovery. The company’s goal was to find a more effective process that would not require manual intervention from users, and would end the loss of critical business data. As a result, Panasonic India decided to deploy Progressive Infotech’s cloud backup service -myDataSync powered by Asigra.

Download the full case study: Panasonic India’s Selection of Cloud-Based Data Protection Speeds Data Recovery While Preventing Data Loss to find out how:

  • A lack of a reliable data protection solution for Panasonic India’s employees led to significant problems for the organization...
  • Progressive Infotech returned precious time and resources to Panasonic India by offering dramatically faster and more reliable backup and recoveries, without the cumbersome management or time requirements of the company’s previous manual system...
  • Progressive Infotech’s myDataSync cloud backup service was deployed in a hybrid configuration without agents across Panasonic India’s IT infrastructure, including the company’s 60 VIP laptop users...
  • Plus much more...

You can download the full case study here: Panasonic India’s Selection of Cloud-Based Data Protection Speeds Data Recovery While Preventing Data Loss

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