How to Select the Best Data Protection and Recovery Solution For Your Business

The needs of businesses are ever-changing with the emergence of cloud-based technology. With more employees working globally and remotely, companies now require greater network availability, stronger security and data protection measures to ensure businesses run efficiently. To mitigate costs, most organizations are now relying on cloud technology (i.e. Office 365) to offer a variety of differentiated business solutions on a global scale. This is one of the primary reasons why security and data protection are of utmost importance. All companies are always looking to keep data safe, secure and private in the virtual world.

According to a report recently released by Ovum TMT Intelligence (the world’s leading provider of business intelligence), the findings indicate that Asigra is a strong contender amongst industry leaders (i.e. Actifio, CommVault, Dell Enterprise Products, IBM and Veeam) for offering a cost-effective and one of the best data recovery and protection solutions for enterprises worldwide.

The report measured 12 industry leaders and rated on the following categories (and sub-categories):

  • Technology Features
    • Operational Management, Data Management, Platforms, Security, Backup and Recovery Capabilities, Deployment and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Performance and Scalability, Data Recovery and Replication as well as Reporting and Integration
  • Execution
    • Maturity, Interoperability, Innovation, Deployment, Scalability and Enterprise Fit
  • Market Impact
    • Revenue, Revenue Growth, Global Reach, Size Band and Vertical

How did Asigra perform amongst the competition?

  • On average, industry leaders performed well (with an average of 7/10) in most main categories and subcategories.
  • Asigra demonstrated a consistent scoring record against market leaders (average of 7/10) with highest rankings in the execution category.
  • In the technology category, the report indicates that Asigra is a leader in this area, specifically in the categories of Security, Backup and Recovery Capabilities, Deployment and TCO.
  • Asigra fares well amongst the competition for execution and was categorized as a leader for being interoperable and an innovative solution for enterprises.

Why choose Asigra as your data recovery solution?

  • Asigra is one of the very few organizations that delivers on the promise of data recovery to the original device – a large enhancement for security protection.
  • New licensing models recently developed show the percentage of how much data is actually recovered per year, which adds better value as a solution as opposed to solutions that simply measure what is protected.
  • Asigra is one of the very few solution providers that manage and also protect containers and micro-service based applications.

Interested in learning more? Download the full report from Ovum’s website or contact our sales team to schedule a product demo of our award-winning solutions.

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