MSP Survey Results Show Changing Revenue Landscape: Download the Infographic

Asigra just completed a survey of MSPs, asking them to reveal what they consider to be today’s top revenue opportunities; where they anticipate the greatest revenue growth in coming years; and more.

The results are in! Download our infographic to discover what MSPs have to say about a broad range of topics.

One of the key survey results reveals that cloud backup services have led to increased business revenue opportunities and customer retention for most of the respondents. According to the survey, nearly 90 percent of MSP respondents who offer cloud backup services today are profitable, while 87 percent of those profitable MSPs expect profit margins to grow in 2017. As the cloud backup market continues to expand, even MSPs who are not currently offering cloud backup services have plans to do so within the next 12 months.

These findings confirm what we’ve long believed at Asigra: That cloud backup services offer an excellent opportunity for our partners to increase revenue from both new and existing customers. The survey also indicated which industry segments MSPs expect to fuel new revenue growth in 2017 and beyond: compliance-driven verticals such as healthcare and financials, which face stringent regulatory requirements for data protection and security.

As the first cloud backup software solution to achieve the NIST FIPS 140-2 certification, Asigra Cloud Backup employs state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard customer data at all times, enabling our partners to meet strict compliance requirements and win customers among the most highly regulated industries. The survey results emphasize the importance of comprehensive backup solutions for industry verticals with compliance requirements such as HIPAA and SOX, opening the door for enterprising MSPs who wish to seize opportunities by differentiating themselves in otherwise challenging markets. By positioning secure cloud backup services as a revenue driver, these MSPs can expand their total addressable market and grow monthly recurring revenue.

Want more insights into new revenue opportunities and MSP trends? Download the infographic to discover more results from our recent survey. To learn more about the benefits of becoming an Asigra partner, go to

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