How TIG captured revenue faster with the help of Asigra Cloud Backup software and Zadara Storage services


With cloud services representing one of the fastest growing revenue sources for UK-based managed service provider TIG, they quickly became interested in this new business opportunity. In a traditional service model, offering storage services to end customers posed major financial risks in the event of losing a major customer or the inability to sell enough storage capacity to break even. TIG decided to offer a storage-and-data-protection-as-a-service solution built on Asigra cloud-based backup software and Zadara OpEx Storage-as-a-Service solution as it would enable them to offer agile services meeting changing customer requirements quickly in a flexible pay-as-you-go model for faster revenue realization.

Discover how TIG was able to move to revenue faster (80% of companies that completed a trial went on to purchase the service), reduce operational costs, increase monthly recurring revenues and gain competitive differentiation.

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