5 Reasons You Should Backup Your Website

How important is your website to your business? Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on their websites for a wide range of reasons, including creating an online presence to build brand recognition, to provide information and interact with consumers, and to execute sales transactions. If a business’ website was to be taken down for even a day, they may be faced with disgruntled customers and lost sales. It is surprising not all businesses take extra precautions to back up their website. Here are the top 5 reasons why they should

  1. Peace of mind. Businesses invest a hefty amount of hours, dollars and resources into creating a website and preparing related content. Although websites are rarely “lost”, the content assets are so valuable to website owners that it is definitely worthwhile to invest in a secure, reliable backup and recovery solution. This way, you don’t need to lose any sleep worrying about what could happen to your website. There is no need to take a chance on your website.
  2. Prevent content loss. Data on websites is constantly updated and changing. If you’ve ever lost all your hard work in a file that was spontaneously corrupted, you can understand how easily it would be for a website full of content to also be corrupted, and how frustrating it would be trying to recover the content. Save yourself the stress. Back up your data on a regular basis to prevent wasted time and resources. Eliminate the need for a time-consuming recovery process.
  3. Multiple authors. Content on websites is often managed by more than one person. Sometimes even more than one team. Content is constantly changed, moved and deleted. Especially if there are multiple authors involved, there is a high chance of human error. Data can be easily deleted or overridden mistakenly. Controls can be put in place to reduce the possibility of such errors, but all too often, businesses discount the benefits of having a proper backup solution, which can minimize or eliminate the effect of these errors.
  4. Malicious attacks. Whether the attacks are targeted towards your business or executed at random, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and challenging to safeguard against. By backing up your website, you have given yourself the tool to reverse such attacks at minimal expense to your business.
  5. Catastrophic server failure. Drastic improvements to the reliability of technology are implemented every year. However, the sad reality is that no technology is perfect and hardware is bound to fail or encounter issues at some point (or points) in time. Back up your data on a regular basis to limit interruptions to your website.

All businesses are at risk of encountering IT nightmares when it comes to their website. How well prepared you are for these incidents can save your company from time consuming recovery processes, corruption of valuable content and loss of customers who can easily turn to a competitor’s website if yours is not up and running when they want it to be.

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