Protecting Your Backups from New Types of Ransomware

Protecting Your Backups from New Types of Ransomware | Asigra

Ransomware attacks are crippling. However, businesses that back up their data and protect it with a Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) solution are more likely to prevent such attacks. In the event of an attack, enterprises can recover quickly, avoiding paying the ransom and the downtime that comes with a ransomware attack. The average recovery time is about 22 days, and each day of downtime is likely to cost the average large-sized business millions of dollars.

What is CDR?

CDR is an advanced malware prevention solution that effectively disarms all file-based threats (both known and unknown). It also prevents complex and sandbox-aware malware (malware that detects that it is being analyzed in a sandbox environment and shuts down to prevent detection) and threats that have malware evasion technology, such as VM detection, fully undetectable malware, and obfuscation. As the techniques for malware sandbox evasion improve, enterprises will increasingly use the CDR malware protection solutions as a substitute and a supplement to sandboxing.

The Changing Landscape of Attacks on Documents

Initially, ransomware encrypts the device on which it is downloaded. If a user downloads a file or opens an email attachment, that device’s files are encrypted. User devices are usually the most prone to ransomware attacks. However, sophisticated ransomware can travel across networks.

Attackers will usually wait until the opportune time to initiate an attack. Some ransomware attacks are a timebomb; they wait before being detonated. It is a strategy aimed at knocking out backups. Although an executable file does not run if the code is altered by encryption, if you happen to unbundle that backup trying to recover from an infection, then the infection becomes executable again and activates. Everyone, not just the big corporations, is at risk of ransomware attacks.

Attackers often try to implant malware months before a ransomware attack to infect the backups. As a company tries to recover data from backups, they re-infect themselves in an Attack-Loops,TM.  This is why dealing with a ransomware attack is very difficult. The best defense is to do everything possible to protect your backup data from ransomware infections by deploying the Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) system in your backup and recovery solutions.

How CDR Works with Asigra Tigris

The Asigra Tigris Backup solution provides an entirely different approach to data protection. We have integrated CDR into our solution to provide an advanced and effective next-gen approach that allows you to proactively filter, block or remove potentially malicious or unauthorized content from your backup data based on predefined policies. When CDR is used in conjunction with our bidirectional antimalware feature, our multilayered solution can proactively identify, intercept, and neutralize potential ransomware threats in your backup data.

Benefits of Asigra Backup Solution with CDR feature
  • Disarmament during restore: The CDR feature ensures all backed-up files are disarmed based on the selected policy from potentially harmful elements, including embedded scripts and macros, before being restored back into your production environment.
  • Advanced anti-ransomware protection: The CDR scan dissects every incoming and outgoing file, breaking it down into its most elementary components, using state-of-the-art security tools to deliver superior results. The CDR uses advanced file reconstruction to remove undetectable weaponized content and exploits and components that don’t adhere to the designated security policy, disrupting any remaining undetected, signature-less malware likely to penetrate and attack your backups.
  • Supports many file formats: CDR scans hundreds of file formats, including Microsoft Office and PDFs, to media files such as images, videos, and audio. CDR can scan installation files, HTML, XML, and archives, among other file types.

Want to discover how CDR-based backup protection from Asigra can protect you from ransomware attacks? Contact us today to speak to our team.

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