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Pete Nourse

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has resulted in a tremendous loss of life, and property, and caused massive upheavals in the global supply chain and economy. Few are aware, however, that the Russian government appears to have also conducted a systematic series of cyber-attacks alongside its military assault in Ukraine.

Pete Nourse

The abrupt and complete shift to remote work in the wake of the global pandemic had many companies scrambling to secure their infrastructure. Most CSO, CIO, and senior IT managers have spent weeks trying to make their networks secure and accessible, especially as ransomware and other cyber-attacks reached a fever pitch. Organizations spared no expense in ensuring the security of their backups with 3-2-1 strategy, air gapping and immutable backups.

Adriaan Gouws

Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world, with cyber criminals now doubling down on ransomware attacks, deploying more sophisticated campaigns at a time when remote working is already creating additional security challenges for businesses and its impact is reflected in the numbers.

Adriaan Gouws

CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company and top technology news and information source for solution providers, has named Asigra to its second annual Storage 100 list in the 20 Coolest Data Protection Companies. The Storage 100 list recognizes industry-leading storage vendors that provide transformative products and services.


Data Protection has a long and storied 70 years of history, with Asigra entering the backup & recovery arms race in April of 1986. Asigra’s pioneering agentless technology and innovative products have changed the way a generation of IT professionals manage modern data recovery.

Eran Farajun

Ransomware is insidious. It is constantly evolving with new variants appearing literally every 18 seconds. That’s 4800 new ransomware code every single day or more than 1.75 million per year. This is a multi-billion USD business. It’s organized criminality and frequently state sponsored. The profits to cybercriminals are compelling.

Eran Farajun

The rapid rise and evolution of malware, especially ransomware has changed data protection forever. The conventional wisdom has been for years that the best way to defeat malware and ransomware is to have a good clean backup. The malicious actors behind malware in general and ransomware specifically know this and are now both attacking backups and using them as an attack vector. Multiple overlapping data protection systems provide more potential attack vectors that compromise security.

Eran Farajun

Compliance has moved from a secondary consideration to a primary one. The emergence of personally identifiable information (PII) regulations worldwide with harsh financial penalties has changed the data protection landscape. Multiple overlapping data protection make compliance much more difficult by duplicating processes that increase the probability of non-compliance.