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New Study Reveals Insights into Global Data Recovery Practices

How much data does your organization recover annually? It’s probably less than you think. The new Data Protection Trends: Validating Recovery report conducted by Asigra debunks the notion that organizations recover 100 per cent of their data – even when given the option to restore larger amounts. In a study conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group in 2013 with over 500 financial and IT decision makers, 52 per cent of respondents surveyed said that a recovery based pricing model would be more fair than a capacity based pricing model. So then, why do most organizations pay for 100 per cent recovery when in reality they’re recovering much less?

As enterprises look for better ways to recover their data, reduce downtime and prevent malicious attacks against their data, this report provides valuable insights for Managed Service Providers, IT Professionals and financial decision makers that will help enterprises on their search to find appropriate cloud backup and recovery solutions. Conducted over a 30-month period, the study compiled insights of data recovery practices from over 1,000 organizations in over 134 countries across eight vertical markets. Download the full report and garner insights on:

  • How much data organizations actually recover per year
  • Average size and most common types of dataset recovery across vertical markets
  • Common data type restoration and requests
  • Reasons why there’s been a surge in Data Recovery Drills
  • Asigra’s Recovery License Model®

With the average total cost of data breaches steadily increasing every year (from $3.79 million to $4 million in one year)1, this timely report will allow companies, MSPs and enterprises to not only make smart choices about their data protection and recovery solutions, but to also guide them in their decision on how to appropriately distribute IT budgets to help them with their high-level business strategy.

Download the report today and receive the insights you need to maximize operational efficiency, increase profitability and learn about valuable data recovery services.

1. 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis conducted by IBM

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