Mar 2016

No More Crossed Fingers: Five Questions Ensure the Optimal Data Protection Approach

Posted by Eran Farajun in Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup There’s often a direct and inverse correlation between the complexity of a company’s computing environment and the effectiveness of its data protection strategies. The result frequently means businesses blindly trust their current data protection solutions to recover all their data in case of disaster. Or put more plainly, they cross their fingers and hope for the best.

This is a subject that I feel strongly about, enough so that I recently wrote an article on this topic for the online publication Data Center Knowledge called Ask These Five Questions for Data Protection Peace of Mind. In it, I call attention to an uncomfortable fact: Many of the new—and often very useful—technologies that we have incorporated into data centers for greater flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, have made data protection much more challenging. If businesses are counting on legacy data protection strategies to fully recover data from their increasingly complex computing environments, then they are in for a surprise when a data loss event strikes.

What technologies and strategies make today’s data centers more difficult to protect than in the past? They include virtual machines and Docker containers; use of cloud-based apps like Office 365 and Google Docs; and an abundance of endpoint devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops that often contain much of a company’s most recent and valuable data. As I discuss in my article, this proliferation of platforms, data types, infrastructures, and operating systems within a single enterprise environment often results in a fragmented data protection strategy that’s costly, difficult to manage, and filled with gaps.

Nobody predicts that computing environments are going to get less complicated, and we all know that the volume, velocity, variety—and importance—of data for business will only grow. Forward-focused businesses require a more comprehensive approach to data protection, one that converges both backup and replication technologies into a single, easily managed solution. With Asigra, businesses can take advantage of a solution that backs up data from any source—from the data center, the cloud, or a smartphone—and stores this data both locally and remotely to achieve business continuity and peace of mind.

Are you confident that your company’s data protection plan (or the data protection plan that you offer your customers) fully protects all data from all sources, with the ability to meet strict RTOs and RPOs?

If you’re not certain, be sure to read my article to find the five questions you need to ask as you begin your search to find a more comprehensive secure data protection solution. What are the top data protection requirements for your business? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you.

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Mar 2016

Meet Asigra at CRN XChange Solution Provider Conference 2016


CRN XChange Solution Provider Conference 2016 – Booth #601

Date: March 8-10, 2015

Location: JW Marriott, Los Angeles, California

If you are attending the CRN Xchange Solution Provider Conference, make sure you attend one of our boardroom presentations or stop by our booth #601 to learn how our agentless cloud backup software designed for Service Providers enables the delivery of secure and reliable cloud backup services to SMBs and Enterprise worldwide. Our recent alliance with Oracle presents you with the opportunity to purchase our award-winning cloud backup software with Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliances -- a high performance, and cost-effective solution that addresses the need to store and protect large volumes of data.

Be sure to attend one of our boardroom presentations or stop by our booth for your chance to win a GoPro Hero4 Session camera and learn:

  • How we can help you increase or develop a monthly recurring revenue stream
  • Why Asigra’s latest partnership with Oracle will benefit you
  • How to increase wallet share with existing customers
  • Ways to reduce customer attrition
  • How we can help you expand into new markets and geographies

Book a Private Meeting with Us

Discover why users continue to choose Asigra as the top Enterprise Backup Application two years in a row. Asigra swept all categories in the 2015 TechTarget Storage Magazine Quality Awards and received the highest overall ranking of 6.38 out of 8 compared to all the other contenders. Asigra also won Storage Magazine’s 2015 Products of the Year Silver award in the Disaster Recovery Software and Services category.

Need to register for CRN XChange 2016? Sign up here.

We look forward to meeting you in Los Angeles. If you have any questions prior to the conference, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Mar 2016

Testimonial: Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre Deploys Ace Data Data Backup Solution


Our partner Ace Data, a data management, archival, storage, backup and retrieval services firm based in India, had a chance to sit down with their customer J.P. Dwivedi, CIO of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre to discuss reasons why they selected a Data Backup Solution powered by Asigra.

With the modern day IT environment posing a lot of challenges, Dwivedi describes the difficulties faced by his team including the cumbersome processes, countless testing procedures, and constant supervision that were presented by their previous data protection solution that lead them to seek a new solution.

Learn how the Ace Data Abhraya Data Backup Solution powered by Asigra aided the migration of the Research Centre’s current data protection strategy to a cloud-based approach, allowing more time for the team to focus on important matters and ultimately led to results. Hear why Dwivedi thinks an offsite backup strategy is still necessary even with an existing data disaster management solution in place.

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Feb 2016

Panasonic India Deploys Progressive Infotech’s Cloud Backup Service Powered by Asigra

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

TunnelWith offices that employ approximately 12,500 employees, Panasonic India needed to address its need for an endpoint data backup solution. The organization suffered from frequent data loss, as well as extensive time and resources spent on data recovery. The company’s goal was to find a more effective process that would not require manual intervention from users, and would end the loss of critical business data. As a result, Panasonic India decided to deploy Progressive Infotech’s cloud backup service -myDataSync powered by Asigra.

Download the full case study: Panasonic India’s Selection of Cloud-Based Data Protection Speeds Data Recovery While Preventing Data Loss to find out how:

  • A lack of a reliable data protection solution for Panasonic India’s employees led to significant problems for the organization...
  • Progressive Infotech returned precious time and resources to Panasonic India by offering dramatically faster and more reliable backup and recoveries, without the cumbersome management or time requirements of the company’s previous manual system...
  • Progressive Infotech’s myDataSync cloud backup service was deployed in a hybrid configuration without agents across Panasonic India’s IT infrastructure, including the company’s 60 VIP laptop users...
  • Plus much more...

You can download the full case study here: Panasonic India’s Selection of Cloud-Based Data Protection Speeds Data Recovery While Preventing Data Loss

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Feb 2016

Awards - CRN Channel Chief 2016


CRN 2016Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President for Asigra has been named a 2016 Channel Chief by CRN Magazine for the fifth consecutive year. The executives selected to be included in this prestigious list represent top leaders in the IT channel who excel at driving growth and revenue for their organizations through channel partners. CRN Channel Chiefs were selected by the CRN editorial team based on channel experience, program innovations, channel-driven revenue, and public support for the importance of IT channel sales.

Farajun oversees the strategic relationships with Asigra’s channel partners who have helped power over 1,000,000 sites worldwide with Asigra Cloud Backup. He has demonstrated leadership and support for cloud service providers through the Asigra Hybrid Partner Program in addition to supporting the launch of an innovative Brand Advocacy Program rewarding partners through gamification for their participation in evangelizing the business benefits of cloud backup within the marketplace as well as contributing to the amplification of the Asigra brand and the partners’ own social status. He has also been instrumental in taking feedback provided by partners about issues in their businesses and taking action to help them resolve those issues through creative approaches that enable the partner to capture more market share, lower overall costs, increase margins, etc.

With duties that include overseeing channel operations, marketing and business development, Farajun has been instrumental in establishing Asigra as a leader in public, private and hybrid cloud-based data protection. His contributions and strategic activities for orchestrating programs designed to grow Asigra’s worldwide partner presence have helped facilitate Asigra’s global expansion.

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Feb 2016

Asigra Wins Silver in the Backup and Disaster Recovery category in the Storage Magazine 2015 Products of the Year Awards

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Storage MagazineWe’re proud to announce that Asigra has been named the Silver winner of the Storage Magazine 2015 Products of the Year awards. Asigra won the award for its proprietary backup and recovery solution, Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13, based on a range of data protection capabilities including Docker Container support and AWS EBS Snapshot Manager.

Both Docker and AWS are highly popular computing platforms that are emerging as credible storage platforms for business information and Asigra is one of the first enterprise software vendors to add support for these platforms.

Asigra was praised by judges for being early to market with the new capabilities. One judge noted that in addition to being "very inexpensive," the Asigra Cloud Backup software is unique in its automatic protection of Docker containers and its ability to manage AWS EBS snapshots.

This is the third year in a row where Asigra Cloud Backup™ has placed in the top three positions for the Storage Magazine Product of the Year award amongst a high caliber of the world’s top data protection solutions.

Learn more about Asigra and our industry awards and recognition here:

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Feb 2016

Why Outsourcing Cloud Backup to a Managed Service Provider is Smart

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Join AsigraSelecting a cloud backup and recovery software platform is a major decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. To help you with your decision we reached out to our global ecosystem of Asigra Partners to get their take on the top reasons that businesses of all sizes should consider outsourcing their cloud backup needs to a MSP. Here are some of their responses direct from the channel:

Why do you think business should consider outsourcing their cloud backup needs to a MSP?

Greg Drumsta of

  • In my opinion, backup should be an off-site task. This way, you never have to worry about anything destroying your data on-site.
  • Recovery is the most important part of any failure. Having to minimize downtime from system failure is key.
  • One less thing you need to worry about if your site has a natural disaster.
  • Having off-site back-up in event of a physical disaster to your business, is crucial for recovery process. It is one less thing you need to worry about when getting your business back on-line.

Robert Hannevig of

  • [MSPs] Following up on backup logs, errors and restore testing. When restore is necessary, you are 100% sure that it works!

Brent Reichow of Blueshift

  • To date I've not met one company that can deliver the backup and recovery service levels internally that Blueshift can provide as a cloud backup specialized MSP . Considering the growth of today's enterprise data, advancing technologies and flexible cloud backup offerings it makes sense for a business to consider a cloud backup MSP.

Over three decades, Asigra has built a global ecosystem of strong partner relationships with MSPs and VARs who deliver secure, reliable cloud backup services to SMBs and Enterprises. To learn how to choose a Cloud Backup provider download our free guide for SMBs or Enterprises.

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Feb 2016

Case Study: Hines Finds Cost-Savings Relief by selecting RestorePoint and Asigra solution

Posted by Samantha Chiu

HinesHines, a real estate firm, historically relied on tape-based backup to protect their data across multiple worldwide sites. Yet, with their rapid growth worldwide and expanding offices in different locations, the manual process of keeping up with the expanding storage requirements at sites over such a large geographic area became difficult to manage and extremely costly. In response, Hines started researching cloud-based solutions including Amazon, Mozy and Carbonite only to find that pricing was too high. Hines continued with their search and selected IT services provider RestorePoint to deploy a cloud-based data recovery solution powered by Asigra.

Hines achieved many benefits with the RestorePoint solution powered by Asigra including:

  • Cost savings of 40% fulltime equivalent (FTE)
  • IT time savings
  • Efficient integrated recoveries
  • Enhanced data security

“With RestorePoint data protection services powered by Asigra, Hines enjoys a much higher level of confidence in knowing its data is secure across its sphere of operations” says Jeff Brathall, Executive VP, Business Services, RetorePoint. He also mentions the “significant offload of time consuming backup processes has improved the organization’s readiness and productivity.”

Read the full case study here

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Feb 2016

2015 Products of the Year Award: Asigra Named Finalist


Storage MagazineEach year, a panel comprised of users, analysts, consultants, Storage magazine editors and editors select a list of products eligible for consideration in the Storage Magazine Products of the Year Award. This award evaluates products based on innovation, performance, ease of integration into environment, manageability, functionality and value.

Asigra’s nomination as a finalist in the data backup and recovery software category is based on Cloud Backup Version 13 featuring a range of data protection capabilities including Docker Container support and AWS EBS Snapshot Manager.

We are very pleased to be included as a finalist in such a high caliber group of solutions. Congratulations to all of the finalists and a special shout out to Oracle – a finalist in the hardware category.

In the data backup hardware category, Oracle has been recognized as a finalist for their ZFS Storage Appliance. Just last week, Asigra announced that we are now delivering our award-winning cloud backup software with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances to the channel. This new alliance enables us to sell Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliances at special pricing directly to MSPs who are looking for a cost effective, high performance storage solution to run their Asigra Cloud Backup software. If you are not familiar with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, we encourage you to contact us directly at for more information.

Click here to learn how you can lower your data protection costs, increase margins and drive more monthly recurring revenue.

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Jan 2016

Asigra Partners with Oracle on ZFS Storage Appliances

Posted by Eran Farajun in Cloud Backup

Oracle and AsigraWith data volume expanding dramatically in both enterprise and SMB sectors (with digital data doubling every two years, according to IDC), companies and organizations are increasingly dependent on digital data to drive their businesses. Providing cost-effective solutions for storing and protecting large capacities of data is becoming ever more critical for the managed service providers (MSPs) who serve these markets.

That’s where Asigra’s recently announced partnership with Oracle comes in. As of today, MSPs who have an existing, or form a new partnership with Asigra can purchase Asigra Cloud Backup software licenses and Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliances directly from Asigra. For MSPs with backup vaults approaching or exceeding 100 terabytes, or those looking to refresh low-performing storage hardware, combining an Oracle appliance with Asigra Cloud Backup provides an exceptionally high performance storage and data protection system while delivering lower operational and capital costs when compared to traditional solutions.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances are hybrid NAS storage systems that feature dynamic caching between DRAM, Flash, and disk drives, providing optimal storage for enterprise cloud and virtualized environments, where high efficiency, extreme performance and scalability are required. In combination with Asigra Cloud Backup, the appliances can be used to offer secure, reliable, and cost-effective data protection that’s far superior to build-your-own solutions.

Learn more about the business benefits of deploying Asigra Cloud Backup with the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances powered by Asigra Cloud Backup.

Working with Oracle to lead the data protection market

It’s exciting for us at Asigra to work with Oracle to offer the powerful ZFS storage appliances along with our award-winning cloud backup software to service providers seeking high performance environments and greater productivity to meet growing customer demands for faster recovery times. Oracle does not offer its own backup solution, but by incorporating our backup and recovery software with the Oracle appliance, Asigra’s partners can now stand up an engineered solution that delivers a highly scalable storage infrastructure along with NIST FIPS 140-2 certified data encryption, comprehensive data protection for all data sources regardless of platform (including virtual and physical servers, containers, desktops, laptops, smartphones and SaaS-based applications), within a single agentless, multi-tenant platform.

One of our partners had the opportunity to deploy the Oracle ZFS Appliance along with our cloud backup software within their environment as a proof-of-concept trial. This partner found that running Asigra Cloud Backup on the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3-2 delivered 8x improvement in performance compared to his previous hardware platform. Our partner also achieved five 9s uptime and scaled up to one petabyte of storage with a single ZS3-2 system, while cutting overall storage costs by more than 30 percent.

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is available in two models:

  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3-2, a midrange enterprise multiprotocol storage system ideal for use in performance-intensive workloads.
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS4-4, a high-end enterprise multiprotocol storage system for workloads demanding extreme performance and scalability.

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances along with Asigra Cloud Backup software licenses are exclusively available to Asigra partners at special pricing. For more information or to request a demo, please contact an Asigra Recurring Revenue Specialist, visit our website, or contact Asigra at or 416-736-8111 ext. 1453.

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