May 2014

Motley Crue, One Republic and DJ Khaled Reign Supreme Amongst Asigra Partners

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Turns out Asigra Partners have good taste in music but one that is definitely heavy towards hard-rock. We asked for your help to put together our music list for the upcoming 2014 Asigra Partner Summit and you did a great job providing suggestions. The results varied from The Beatles, to Van Halen, Metallica, The Script and more.

As a way of saying thanks and to get you in the mood for our upcoming summit, we combined all of the suggestions and created a Youtube playlist below. This means you can rock out before we see you in Toronto. Thanks to everyone who participated. Rock On!

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May 2014

Christine Laperriere: A Leader in Motion

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

As we continue to introduce our wonderful speakers that will be attending the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit, we are privileged toChristine L have Christine Laperriere join us at our conference for a second time.

Christine is the founder of Leader in Motion and along with uncovering the hidden potential in individuals, Christine works with organizations to identify talent, build collective skills and integrate processes and procedures that generate powerful changes. In fact, when global organizations look to increase market share and grow sales, they turn to Christine.

As is evident by her credentials, Christine has an extensive background in education and has taken numerous courses to develop her own skill set. Some interesting examples include:

  • Certification: SuperCoach Academy Transformative Personal & Business Coaching (2011-2012)
  • Certification: Psychotherapy For Professionals Intensive – Gestalt Institute of Toronto (2010-2011)
  • Certification(s): Sales Process & Coaching Methodologies – Miller Heiman (2008-2009)
  • Master’s of Science, Mechanical Engineering – Oakland University (2000-2003)

As an engineer, she has a technical background combined with extensive experience in business development and driving sales & management processes and behaviour changes. Since behaviour change can be challenging, her strength lies in her ability to walk technical professionals through the subtle steps required to generate a different outcome in front of a client or in front of a team.

It’s her Miller Heiman training and expertise in particular that attracts her to many organizations where she is certified to sell Miller Heiman sales and deliver sales methodologies which are key to improve any aspect of business. Christine leverages Miller Heiman sales methodologies as a key component to implementing sales performance improvement initiatives.

Christine is also Executive Director & Lead Coach at Women of Influence and is focused on helping professional women grow into their fullest capability and successfully manage exceeding stress levels.

What to Expect from Christine

You can find Christine at this year’s summit on the Sales track on Tuesday June 17th in her presentation called 5 Things to Enhance Your Next Sales Meeting. Ever wonder what the top performing business development people say and do in meetings? What makes them so successful? Christine will walk us through 5 important elements that successful sales people do each time they prepare and engage with a prospect or existing customer. Be prepared to take notes and leave with ideas you can implement on your next sales opportunity.

Here’s a video clip of Christine from an interview with Dale Carnegie:

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May 2014

Commonwealth Secretariat Finds Switch from Tape to Cloud-Based Backup Brings Peace of Mind

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

The intergovernmental agency the Commonwealth Secretariat had traditionally relied on tape backup solutions to protect close Commonwealth Techgate plc to 3TB of data. Over time they experienced numerous challenges with their setup where the tape backups became unreliable, expensive and time-consuming. Since about 2005, the organization became increasingly dissatisfied with the performance of their system. After exploring a range of options for a more efficient approach to backup and recovery technology, the Commonwealth Secretariat decided to switch to Techgate plc’s Enterprise Cloud Backup service powered by Asigra.

We recently compiled a case study that summarized the recent Commonwealth Secretariat backup and recovery implementation. In the case study you will learn:

  • About the growing numbers of problems and challenges the Commonwealth Secretariat faced with their previous tape backup solution
  • Why it took them a ½ day to make sure a backup was completed by using tape backup and at least 2 hours to find the data to recover
  • How Techgate helped the Commonwealth Secretariat reduce the overall amount of time for backups, and minimize costs, - all while improving reliability and efficiency
  • The configuration that was implemented as a solution by Techgate plc powered by Asigra
  • The key factors that were considered by the Commonwealth Secretariat for selecting the Asigra solution

“Part of IT’s function is to ensure that everyone in the organisation has access to the right tools with the right data,” said Henry Nyambu, Head of IT, Commonwealth Secretariat. “We clearly didn’t have that with our cumbersome tape and DVD backup systems. As an intergovernmental agency, it is critical that our data remains both securely stored and easy to access quickly. By modernising our backup infrastructure with a secure and flexible cloud backup solution, we achieved this.”

To learn more about this implementation and to see the exact results obtained by the Commonwealth Secretariat, you can find the case study in full below:

Commonwealth Secretariat Finds Switch from Tape to Cloud-Based Backup Brings Peace of Mind

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May 2014

Meet the Dragon Slayer

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

The 2014 Asigra Partner Summit is quickly approaching. This year we have a terrific line-up of speakers who will provideMarc Staimer exceptional insights and lessons about business, life and most importantly cloud backup and recovery. In keeping in the tradition of our previous summit, we like to introduce each speaker in the form of a blog post, so that you can learn a little about them and truly anticipate what they have to offer at the upcoming event. To start things off, let’s take a look at the ‘Dragon Slayer’, Mark Staimer.

Marc Staimer is widely known as one of the leading storage market analysts in the network storage and storage management industries providing consulting in the areas of strategic planning, as well as product and market development.

Marc's 30 years of marketing, sales, and business experience in the storage, software and systems industries, along with his years of research into the MIS community gives him unique business, systems and market expertise.

What to Expect from Marc

Marc will be speaking at the conference on Tuesday June 17th

We’re excited to have Marc as a key speaker at our conference. To get a sense of one of his talks here’s a quick Youtube video of him discussing object storage strategies.

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May 2014

Vote on today’s top backup and recovery software

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Every year, the Storage Magazine and Quality Award winners are chosen based on the feedback of top ITPeople working professionals. TechTarget needs your help by obtaining your opinion on today’s backup and recovery software — which products measure up, and which one’s don’t.

By participating in this survey in its entirety, you will gain access to the final exclusive report that highlights some of the key findings from this study, where you can compare your responses to the majority of your peers.

Here’s your chance to provide your input and contribute to the backup and recovery industry.


Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule – complete this brief questionnaire today.


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May 2014

On-demand Webinar: The Changing Rules of Backup in Business Continuity


With the increasing number of data-generating endpoints on the rise, efforts are being made to incorporate these new sources ofGigaOm data into backup strategies. Enterprises have spent considerable time and effort incorporating multiple data sources into their backup plans and are now beginning to confront the challenges of backing up cloud-based applications. Being able to protect data is useless if the data cannot be recovered in a quick and effective manner. Businesses need to overcome increasing costs, poor compliance, compromising Business Continuity (BC) and many other challenges.

A panel of industry experts recently discussed the shifting guidelines of backup in modern BC. Watch this analyst roundtable webinar to learn common pitfalls to avoid and steps to create a seamless, enterprise-wide BC system that meets performance requirements at the lowest possible cost.

In this roundtable session Gigaom Research, Marc Staimer, President & CDS, Dragon Slayer Consulting, Mike Karp, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Ptak, Noel & Associates and Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President at Asigra discussed:


  • What does the typical BC / DR system look like, and why?
  • What risks do data silos pose to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, and how can IT work to eliminate them?
  • How should businesses integrate new data sources into a unified BC / DR system?
  • How can businesses meet Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives at the lowest possible cost?
  • What are key considerations when choosing partners?


Watch the webinar now

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May 2014

Special Olympics Upgrades to Cloud Backup

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Charitable organisation Special Olympics in Ireland recently selected Another 9’s cloud backup service powered by Asigra to A9 Logo replace its tape backup system. Having experienced data retention, recoverability and data security challenges that resulted in a lack of compliance with the Irish Data Protection Requirements, the Special Olympics decided to upgrade to Another 9’s service.

The organisation was a long-time user of a legacy tape-based backup solution to protect the data at its Irish branch, headquarted in Dublin. In 2012, the group began to question the ability of tape to effectively meet its backup and recovery needs. After considering multiple cloud-based data recovery technology, the organization decided to upgrade from its legacy solution to public cloud deployment using Another 9’s cloud backup service powered by Asigra.

You can read the full case study about this implementation by visiting our website:

Special Olympics Upgrades to Cloud-Based Solution for Advantages in Data Retention and Recovery over Tape Backup

“We were unhappy with slow, tape-based recovery, which was falling short on several fronts,” said Niall Callahan, IT Manager, Special Olympics (Irish branch). “As a public charity-based organisation, we need our data to remain both securely stored and accessible over extended periods of time to meet compliance mandates. The only option that made sense was upgrading to public cloud backup which improved our local and remote recovery capabilities to meet operational objectives.”

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Apr 2014

The 2014 Asigra Partner Summit Playlist…

Posted by Zaid Rasid

Attention Asigra partners! If you had to name a song that really motivates you, what would it be? We’re putting together theSummit Music Banner playlist for the upcoming 2014 Asigra Partner Summit and we want your suggestions!

All you have to do is suggest a song (or few) that really gets your blood flowing. So go on and share your love for music by commenting below, and let us know what we should be playing at our upcoming summit!

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Apr 2014

Asigra Recovery is Everything® Newsletter Recap: April 2014

Posted by Ani Yildirim

If you haven’t subscribed by email to the Asigra Recovery is Everything® newsletter, you can take advantage of the monthly content we aggregate and share by subscribing here. Our newsletter features great content about the cloud backup and recovery market and includes Asigra news and events plus industry news and events.

Here’s a look at some of the content from our most recent newsletter:

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Apr 2014

Unprotected Data Costs Health Provider $2M

Posted by Zaid Rasid

HealthDataManagement reports that long term non-compliance with HIPAA has cost provider organization Concertalaptop Health Services $1,725,000 when a stolen laptop resulted in the huge fine by the OCR. The OCR has made similar enforcements of at least 20 organizations recently as they “underscore the significant risk to the security of patient information posed by unencrypted laptop computers and other mobile devices”.

As has been a repeating theme on our blog, non-compliance of HIPAA regulations from a lack of having sufficient technologies in place is a recurring event that is costing health care providers, and other organizations that are responsible for sensitive data, huge amounts of monetary damages and not to mention destroying the trust of those affected by breaches.

You can read the full report here: Stolen Laptops Lead to $2 Million in HHS Fines

And of course, at Asigra, our software is built to ensure that your backup data does not cause privacy breaches. For starters, Asigra encrypts data in-flight and at-rest from ‘cradle to grave’. In fact, when it comes to breaches, we have a pretty strong track record. Over the last 26 years of operation, there have been a total of zero breaches that were cause by an Asigra data backup set, with over 1 Million end customer sites protected by Asigra technology. To learn more about how Asigra can keep your data protected visit here:

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