Jun 2014

The 2014 Asigra Partner Summit – Brand Advocates Awards

Posted by Zaid Rasid

At Asigra, we ensure that we have an eye on our brand at all times, and when we notice our partners mentioning Asigra, we not Partner Summit only appreciate it, we acknowledge it. When our partners represent the Asigra name, they do a service for not only themselves, but for all of our partners in the Asigra ecosystem. This year in particular, we had numerous partners, take precious time out of their schedules to address user questions and requests that popped up in such platforms as Twitter, LinkedIn and Spiceworks. For those efforts alone, we would like to acknowledge everyone who played a part in the digital space (including the social media managers behind the accounts) by recognizing them through this award. Here are the 2014 Asigra brand advocates (in alphabetical order):

  1. Backup Technology
  2. Data Storage Corporation
  3. Databarracks
  4. Managecast
  5. Oncore IT
  6. Pantropic Online
  7. Pulsant
  8. Taylor Made Computer Solutions

Thank you again to our partners for selflessly promoting our brand and we’ll see you sometime soon, online!

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Jun 2014

Day 1 of the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit in Photos

Posted by Zaid Rasid

So far we’ve had a jam packed day at the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit. We’re only half way through Day 1 of the conference and we already have some wonderful photos to share. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights from the morning and early afternoon.

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Jun 2014

Day 1 Keynote Wrap Up at the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit

Posted by Zaid Rasid

The morning of Day 1 at the Asigra Partner Summit was jam packed with some amazing keynote presentations.

We put together this Storify that has some of the highlights directly from our partners and beyond:

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Jun 2014

Asigra 2014 Partner Summit Welcome Reception – Pics!

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

The Asigra Partner Summit welcome reception concluded tonight on the 43rd floor of the Sheraton Hotel in beautiful downtown Toronto. Partners had a chance to get together and meet their peers and Asigra staff. Here are a few pics from our first night:

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Jun 2014

2014 Asigra Partner Summit – Keynotes at a Glance

Posted by Zaid Rasid

The 2014 Asigra Partner Summit officialy starts today! We’re excited to meet all of our partners this year and for the opportunity to hear some great keynote speakers present during the summit. We’ve already introduced you to some of our keynotes in our blog series, but if you didn’t get a chance to look at them, we put together a quick LookBook that includes each blog post below. Just click on a tile to learn more about the backgrounds and expertise of each speaker. We’re excited to learn from these thought leaders and experts during the Summit and we encourage you to attend their sessions and take note of the knowledge they have to share! We’re sure you’re going to enjoy their talks!

  Click here  

This is a LookBook, it has been prepared for you. If you can't see it, click here

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Jun 2014

A First Timer’s Guide to the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit

Posted by Maria Nicoletti

Attending next week’s annual Asigra Partner Summit for the first time? Don’t fret…so am I! I joined Asigra in autumn 2013 and Asigra Partner Summit Logo have been busy preparing for the Summit ever since, and can’t wait to meet our partners.

We’ve compiled a fantastic agenda filled with networking activities, an Asigra Genius bar and over 30 sessions across 3 tracks for Marketing, Sales and Technology professionals. Our keynote and guest speaker lineup is stellar – Steven Johnson, Marc Staimer, Hank Barnes, Meghan Anderson, Christine Laperriere and Krista LaRiviere will be on hand to inspire us. And don’t worry; we’ve incorporated this year’s World Cup into the event.

Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of your experience at the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit.

  1. Embrace Your Newbie-ness

    Don’t be shy. If you have any questions throughout the Summit, visit our Registration Desk. This is your hub for everything to do with the Summit. Our team is on hand to help you. Keep an eye out for dark blue name badges - all Asigra staff members will be wearing these to help you pick us out in the crowd.

  2. Plan Ahead

    Check in at our Registration Desk on Monday to avoid the lineup Tuesday morning. Grab your Asigra swag and conference agenda. I recommend you figure out which sessions you want to attend in advance as rooms fill up quickly. Also, if you are an Asigra Partner Summit newbie, you definitely need to visit our Hands-on Lab. Open Monday to Wednesday, it has 16 tables covering a variety of technical topics and it is your best chance to gain hands-on experience with the latest Asigra technology. A newbie to the Asigra Partner Summit is the Asigra Genius Bar – next to the Hands-on Lab.

  3. Be Social

    Make the effort to meet other Asigra Partners. Expand your professional network and ask your peers’ questions that can help you grow your cloud backup and recovery managed services. Learn from their experiences! We have daily activities to help facilitate peer-to-peer networking, which brings me to my next tip…

  4. Have Fun

    On Monday we have a cocktail reception to kick off the Summit at the top of the hotel. There’s a networking lunch on Tuesday afternoon and in the evening we have a cocktail reception and the annual Asigra Hybrid Partner Awards dinner. On Wednesday we are introducing another Summit newbie – a birds-of-a-feather networking lunch. Say that 3 times fast. We’ll have the lunch tables arranged with a variety of pre-determined topics to help you share knowledge and experiences with one another. Just sit at the table with a topic you want to discuss. Asigra is known for throwing fun-filled parties, and this year is no different. World Cup will be in full swing and what better way to close the Summit than with a bit of footy! Join us for the World Backup Games as we head to Toronto’s historic distillery district to watch some World Cup games, put your foosball skills to the test and play some Wii. Last but not least, we have a daily selfie contest – post a selfie of you at the Summit to Twitter or Instagram using #asigrasummit and enter to win daily prizes.

  5. Stay Connected

    Stay up-to-date with all of the Summit happenings by following us on Twitter at @Asigra and #asigrasummit. Once the Summit ends and you return to your office, make sure you stay connected with the Asigra partner network. And please contact us if you have any questions about our Marketing, Professional Services, Training and/or Support offerings.

    I hope you find these tips helpful. For Asigra Partners that are Summit veterans – please share any additional tips below.

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Jun 2014

10 #Selfie Tips for Cloud Service Backup Providers

Posted by Zaid Rasid

#selfies have created a lot of buzz lately, and with the advent of smart phones featuring both front and rear facing cameras, they’reRobert Cornelius becoming quite popular. Not to mention how easy it is to upload a #selfie to sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re not familiar with what a #selfie is, consider it a self-portrait, usually take with a hand-held camera or smartphone. Although #selfies seem to be proliferating as of late, and even the term ‘selfie’ itself is now a part of the Oxford dictionary, they have been around since even the earliest days of photography. In 1839 an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast from Philadelphia named Robert Cornelius is reported to have taken the first selfie.

Ellen SelfieFast forward to 2014, and one of the world’s most famous #selfies emerges as host Ellen Degeneres, in an impromptu moment, during the most recent Oscars, decides to take a #selfie with some world renown celebrities. It happened to break the record for most ReTweets of a picture on Twitter.

This brings us to the upcoming 2014 Asigra Partner Summit. In the spirit of #selfies, we’re holding our very own contest. Every day we’re giving out a prize for the day’s best #selfie taken by any of our attendees and uploaded to either Instagram or Twitter using the #asigrasummit. But what constitutes a great #selfie for Cloud Service Backup Providers? Here are ten tips to get you started:

10 Selfie Tips for Cloud Service Backup Providers

  1. Take the picture yourself but…
  2. You don’t necessarily have to be by yourself, find some friends
  3. Fun, silly, comedic, energetic, positive. You get the picture;)
  4. Great backgrounds make great pictures
  5. A #selfie that features the #asigrasummit hashtag always works nice
  6. A #selfie with an Asigra executive earns top marks
  7. Upload it to Instagram or Twitter with the #asigrasummit hashtag
  8. The Asigra marketing team loves Asigra branded #selfies (shameless plugs)
  9. Action shots are always exciting (capturing the moment)
  10. Just like the Oscars, we have our own Awards Night. You know what to do;)

So make sure to participate in our daily #selfie contest. It’s easy, just take a #selfie at the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit and upload it to either Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #asigrasummit.

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Jun 2014

Thank You! - 2014 Asigra Partner Summit Exhibiting Strategic Alliances

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

The 2014 Asigra Partner Summit is proudly supported by the following Exhibiting Strategic Alliances. Be sure to check out their booths in the exhibit hall for the opportunity to introduce yourself.


Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the carrier networks, enterprise, consumer, and cloud computing fields. We are committed to creating maximum value for telecom carriers, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive ICT solutions and services. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than one third of the world's population.



Oracle is shifting the complexity from IT, moving it out of the enterprise by engineering hardware and software to work together—in the cloud and in the data center. By eliminating complexity and simplifying IT, Oracle enables its customers—400,000 of them in more than 145 countries around the world—to accelerate innovation and create added value for their customers.

Solid Fire

SolidFire is born out of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world and purpose built around the problem of delivering high performance applications from a multi-tenant infrastructure. We get cloud computing better than any storage company - whether you are building them for public or private access.

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Jun 2014

Your Guide to the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

There are only a few days left until the start of the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit and at Asigra, we’re gearing up quickly to bring all of our partners together for an incredible conference. We have a spectacular line up of speakers, events, sessions, networking opportunities and more. We put together an infographic about our summit that features many of the sights and sounds you can expect if you’re attending. Click the thumbnail below to view the infographic and we’ll see you very soon at the #asigrasummit!

2014 Asigra Partner Summit Infographic

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Jun 2014

Five Benefits of Attending the Annual Asigra Partner Summit

Posted by Tracy Staniland

The 2014 Asigra Partner Summit is an annual event that attracts the brightest and the best of the Asigra partner community.Asigra Partner Summit Year after year, Asigra partners gain the opportunity to network amongst each other and participate in a one of a kind event focused exclusively around the Cloud Backup and Recovery Industry. We put together five of the main benefits our partners gain by attending the summit. Not to mention, free admission for partners makes the event something worth considering.

  1. Education. The Partner Summit provides Asigra Partners a platform to find out “what’s new” with Asigra whether that be new product features, new sales and marketing programs, new pricing models, or new programs that enable partners to improve their margins and increase their recurring revenue opportunities. It also provides Partners with the opportunity to hear from other Partners through case study and testimonial presentations. And the Hands-on Lab is like an interactive product roadmap providing Partners with a first-hand glimpse into yet to be released product features.
  2. Inspiration. Imagine sitting in a room of like-minded successful entrepreneurs for two days with the opportunity to discuss shared trials and tribulations along with accomplishments. Discussions range from recurring revenue compensation plans, inbound vs. outbound marketing successes or failures, how to generate quality sales leads, go to market strategies, hiring the right sales and technical talent, where to find this talent – these are just some of the topics that can be discussed CEO to CEO or Head of Cloud Services to Head of Cloud Services.
  3. Great conversation. My favourite aspect of the Summit is being able to engage on a personal basis with our Partners from all around the world to hear about their challenges, issues and accomplishments within each of their respective markets – whether it be geographic or cultural or specific vertical market issues. The Summit provides every Asigra Partner with the opportunity hear first hand from other Partners how they have developed better programs that enable them to capture more business and strengthen their value proposition to be more competitive.
  4. Networking, Networking and More Networking. The camaraderie within the Asigra Partner ecosystem is very unique and like no other. The Partner Summit provides a forum for Partners to share their respective stories – whether they are about wins or losses or how they crushed our collective competition. To see the peer to peer networking in action is awesome.
  5. Fun. All work and no play makes for a very dull day. So we have built into the agenda numerous networking opportunities whether it is the welcome reception, the cocktail reception and awards dinner, the Birds of Feather lunch or the World Backup Games offsite event. There is something for everyone.

And best of all the Partner Summit provides the Partners and Asigra with the opportunity to discuss how we can do business more effectively together to find those synergies that enable everyone to accelerate within the market.

For more information about the Annual Asigra Partner Summit, go to

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