May 2015

Case Study: Hilldrup Moving & Storage Upgrades to Cloud-Based Data Solution with Yotta280 and Asigra


Relocation services company Hilldrup Moving & Storage, Inc. had traditionally protected their data using a tape-based backup Hilldrup system. However, with an IT infrastructure that includes many virtual servers, the company found its primary data-protection method of tape technology ineffective and risky. With tape technology, data was at risk for loss as some recoveries would inevitably fail; which took time away from IT staff who could have been working on more pressing projects. After a thorough review of cloud-based data recovery technology, the company decided to switch to Yotta280’s cloud backup service powered by Asigra.

Hilldrup Moving & Storage achieved many benefits since implementing the Yotta280 backup service powered by Asigra including:

  • Hands-free operation; no more manual headaches
  • High reliability – backup and restore capabilities have been 100% successful to date
  • Redundant backup vault for extra peace of mind
  • All data is encrypted for customer security

“The recovery performance with Asigra Cloud Backup is exceptional, and Yotta280’s service and support have been excellent” says Roger Carroll, Vice President, Information Services, Hilldrup Moving & Storage. He also mentions “data that used to take days to recover now is back in minutes. I value the Yotta280 solution so much that I’ve recommended it to other colleagues.”

Read the full case study here

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Apr 2015

If You Are Serious About Protecting Your Critical Corporate Data, Make Sure You Do This One Thing


Some years ago a friend purchased tenant insurance for his business which was located on the top floor of an office building.Lock data protection One day, a heavy rainstorm caused water to leak through the roof. The resulting water damage destroyed several thousand dollars worth of my friend’s equipment.

My friend believed the damages were covered by his insurance policy which explicitly stated “coverage of all risks” with no exclusion clause for water damage. You can imagine his dismay when the insurance company refused to pay. Eventually the situation was settled in favor of my friend several years later.

I raise this story because data backups are a form of insurance. You hope you never have to use it. But if you ever suffer a data loss event – such as a crashed hard drive, a lost laptop, or an accidental file deletion – or you need to comply with a court order to turn over old emails from a former employee – data backups enable you to quickly get your data back and avoid what could be an otherwise catastrophic – or at best a painful experience.

At least that’s how things are supposed to work. Imagine you’ve consistently taken backups only to find out that in your time of need, you are unable to recover you data because the backups are corrupted. This happens more often than you might think, and I was recently reminded of this fact when I stumbled upon this article about a firm that lost valuable research data due to a technical failure.

In the comments section, a spokesperson for the company that lost their customer’s data explains what happened:

“We did have a multiple backup strategy in place using proprietary software. It has been very challenging finding software to handle this job at the scales of data we are working with. Unfortunately the software we chose to use corrupted occasional backups. In our testing we did not encounter an issue, but during the event the full backups needed to restore were unrecoverable.”

It is because of stories like this (and many more) that here at Asigra we believe ‘Recovery is Everything’. After all, while taking backups of your data is critically important, what’s the point if you don’t know if you’ll be able to recover the data? Since data backups have no value if you can’t recover when you need to, make sure that recoverability is built into the DNA of your backup software solution.

For example, Asigra Cloud Backup™ includes a unique feature called “Autonomic Healing” which uses idle CPU cycles to look for bit rot and other issues that can silently corrupt your backup data over time. If any corruptions are identified, Asigra Cloud Backup attempts to automatically fix the problem if possible. If not, you are at least alerted so that you can take other measures to address the issue before a recovery is actually needed.

Asigra Cloud Backup also includes built-in restore validation capabilities that let you test a recovery without committing any changes. This operation takes place entirely on the backup server so that no valuable outside network or system resources are used. No data needs to actually be restored to the source and the operation can either be initiated manually or scheduled as a part of your backup policies.

If you are interested in finding out more about Asigra Cloud Backup - a multi-tenant agentless cloud backup software platform contact us at 416-736-8111 ext. 1453 or

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Apr 2015

Asigra Recovery is Everything® Newsletter Recap: April 2015

Posted by Ani Yildirim in Cloud Backup

The cloud backup and recovery industry is constantly changing. Asigra Recovery is Everything® Newsletter features great content about the cloud backup and recovery market and news to help you stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. If you haven’t subscribed by email to our newsletter, you can take advantage of the monthly content we aggregate and share by subscribing here.

We appreciate your feedback! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Here’s a look at some of the content from our most recent newsletter:

Click here Click here Click here
Click here Click here Click here

This is a LookBook, it has been prepared for you. If you can't see it, click here.

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Apr 2015

Are your tenants safe from Unwelcome Surprises? What every Service Provider Needs to Know

Posted by William Kulju

Remember those days back in college when you had roommates? Certainly there were fun times, but it wasn’t all good. If youApartment didn’t have to deal with non-stop noise, unwelcome surprises while taking a shower, stolen food, or having to pay for someone else’s share of the utilities, consider yourself lucky.

In a sense, the same considerations apply to public software as a service clouds. All customers using a public cloud are effectively roommates or tenants. Sure there are things to love – such as monthly variable software lease costs with no upfront investment. However, the last thing any public cloud customer wants is for their quality of service to be disrupted by a “noisy neighbor” or to be billed for more than their fair share of usage.

Public cloud service providers - the software world’s equivalent of off-campus landlords go to great pains to securely compartmentalize each of their customer’s data and execution environments. The thing is, compartmentalizing – otherwise known as multi-tenancy - can be difficult or easy depending on the software that is used to provide a cloud service. For this reason, service providers must choose the software they are using for service delivery carefully to ensure that it has multi-tenant capabilities designed within the solution.

Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application securely serves multiple customers know as a tenant. In the case of cloud backup, a mult-tenant solution enables that each customers’ data is kept secure and not available to any of the other tenants.

Sure you can attempt to use a single-tenant software solution to service multiple customers, however, this approach is not ideal. You can try to overcome this limitation by running the software in virtual machines with a different VM spun up for each customer. However, you still need to implement a system for provisioning and tearing down those VMs dynamically, orchestrating VM interaction with shared infrastructure (e.g. databases), and tracking usage for licensing and billing purposes. Sure it can be done, but there’s a lot of extra work and complexity that would be best avoided given your customers are looking for a secure, proven solution.

Then there’s software that was originally designed to be on-premise and single-tenant, but that the vendor has subsequently tried to retrofit with multi-tenant capabilities in a desperate rush to support the cloud. This can work… But, if you’ve ever been in a single family house that was later carved up into multiple apartments with bizarre layouts, you’ll know the results are less than desirable. As a trusted IT provider, is that really the software platform you want to base your service on?

The best approach is to select a software solution that was specifically engineered for multi-tenancy. You plug it in and it just works. Provisioning when tenants initiate a session is easy. Teardown when tenants end a session is easy. Scaling up or down to accommodate more or fewer tenants is easy. Billing is easy and always accurate. Administration across all tenants is easy.

Designed for service delivery, Asigra Cloud Backup™ is a secure multi-tenant software solution that makes it easy for you to support multiple customers. Asigra Cloud Backup was engineered from the beginning with a single purpose in mind – to enable service providers to offer comprehensive, enterprise-class data protection services via the cloud, easily and from a single shared set of infrastructure. Complete with a cloud license server for easy license provisioning, LAN Storage Discovery, a billing module that supports multiple currencies, VM replication and many other features, you can start generating monthly recurring revenue immediately.

If you are interested in finding out more about Asigra’s mult-tenant agentless cloud backup software contact us at 416-736-8111 ext. 1453 or

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Apr 2015

Jacksonville Jaguars Select Cloud-Based Data Protection

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

What do Cloud Backup and the NFL have in common? Well the Jacksonville Jaguars rely on cloud-based data recovery solutionsJaguars by Yotta280 that are powered by Asigra. Previously, the Jaguars were using tape backup, but as the franchise began to grow, their tape-related problems began to increase and eventually became too frustrating to manage. It was at that point the Jaguars began to research cloud-based data backup systems and found Yotta280 and Asigra.

So how much tech does an NFL franchise have anyways? The Jaguars’ offices have 60 total servers with 30 critical servers that require reliable protection from disruption. 15 of the servers were virtualized with both Hyper-V and VMware, as well as 5 Line of Business (LOB) applications, most of which were SQL server based. With so many servers, the old way of bringing backup tapes to an offsite drop box, became quickly inefficient.

We put together a case study that examines in detail the challenges the Jacksonville Jaguars faced with their old tape backup solution and why they decided to make the switch to cloud backup. Learn the following:

  • Why the Jaguars engaged with a medium/large business focused solution provider like Yotta280
  • Why Hurricane Katrina made the Jaguars pay closer attention to their data protection needs
  • The complete technical implementation that was put into place by Yotta280 to meet the needs of the Jaguars
  • How the Jaguars saved more than 150 hours of IT staff time annually
  • Plus much more…

Read the case study in full below:

Jacksonville Jaguars Select Cloud-Based Data Protection for Speedier and More Reliable Recovery than Tape Backup

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Mar 2015

Calling All Backup Heroes. Can You Recover the Data?

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Happy World Backup Day!

Today we celebrate the many heroes that go to work to ensure that businesses run smoothly without data interruptions. And we take this time to remind everyone about the importance of data backup and recovery. Asigra Cloud Backup, with more than 1,000,000 deployments around the Globe, is a comprehensive cloud backup and recovery solution trusted by IT providers worldwide. For us and all of our partners, every day is World Backup Day!

To celebrate the occasion, we put together a fun little backup game. As a Backup Hero, your mission is to recover as much data as possible. Consider it a case of Flappy Backup and make sure to let us know your high score.

So go ahead, and save the day. You do anyways on a regular basis. This time, have some fun, post your high score and have a wonderful World Backup Day. From all of us here at Asigra.

Play Now

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Mar 2015

Asigra Recovery is Everything® Newsletter Recap: March 2015

Posted by Ani Yildirim in Cloud Backup

Here are some top news and articles to help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends in data backup and recovery. This newsletter provides valuable information for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and enterprises that are researching and/or evaluating backup and recovery solutions.

If you haven’t subscribed by email to our newsletter, you can take advantage of the monthly content we aggregate and share by subscribing here.

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Mar 2015

Case Study: Pyramid8 Finds Cloud-Based Backup Solution Comes Through after Building Collapse

Posted by Samantha Chiu

Pyramid8, a recruitment consultancy had historically relied on tape-based backup to protect data across the entire organization.Pyramid8 As the company experienced rapid expansion, the manual process of keeping up with the expanding storage requirements became difficult to manage. With increasing headaches involved in managing this data influx rose, it became clear that manual tape backup—with no offsite solution and no plan for data recovery—was becoming too risky, inefficient, and cost-prohibitive. These factors led Pyramid8 to seek a more reliable and economical backup and recovery system—one that the firm could call upon for speedy data restoration in the face of a major disaster. Pyramid8 had no difficulty in selecting Clovertec’s solution powered by Asigra as they were impressed immediately and did not feel the need to further investigate competitive options.

By offering dramatically faster and more reliable backups and recoveries, the new solution from Clovertec powered by Asigra offered significant advantages:

  • Cloud-based offsite backup for disaster recovery
  • Device agnostic support for a wide range of computing devices including laptops
  • Simple, centralized backup that eliminates the need for multiple-point solutions
  • Highly scalable design that expands as the company’s needs require
  • Ability to reduce the cost of backup using Asigra’s policy-based Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) function which stores less critical data on archival storage platforms
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 certified security with AES-256 encryption in-flight and at-rest

“Like many data-intensive companies in a continuous growth phase, Pyramid8 had understandable concerns about needing an offsite solution for backup, as well as a reliable solution for data recovery. Finding the right solution and company to partner with was key to resolving those issues”, says Andrew Willsher, Director of Finance and Operations at Pyramid8. He also mentions with excitement “Clovertec is a trusted IT Provider who has become an extension of our team, easing our minds about our data security.”

Read the full case study here

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Mar 2015

Online Webinar: Best Practices for Driving Monthly Recurring Revenue

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President, Asigra and Kevin Rhone, Senior Partnering Consultant, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)Talking People will be conducting an upcoming live webinar on March 25th at 11am PST/2pmEST, discussing best practices for driving monthly recurring revenue for managed service providers (MSPs).

All too often, MSPs built their services portfolio by making the technology the primary decision criteria outweighing any other business considerations in selecting the right business partner. However, the selection process should take a much broader approach to include knowing if the vendor provides sales, marketing and operational enablement that enables you to get to market quickly, capture adequate margins and drive sufficient monthly recurring revenue from the service.

Join us for this live webinar and you will:

  • Learn about the six habits of highly effective service providers who successfully drive monthly recurring revenue
  • Discover the key ingredient to transforming your services portfolio to drive profit, capture market share and sustain demand
  • Find out more about the evaluation criteria service providers should use when selecting business partners to support the expansion of their services portfolio

Register for the webinar here: Best Practices for Driving Monthly Recurring Revenue

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Mar 2015

#Office365Protection Live Twitter Chat Winner

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Thanks to our special guest Jason Buffington of ESG for hosting our latest Twitter Chat discussing Office 365 Data Protection. We had a great discussion online around the challenges, risks and important considerations in protecting your data in SaaS applications like Office 365. You can find a Storify version of the chat below.

Also as promised, one lucky winner was selected in a random draw to win a Sphero 2.0. Congratulations go to: @jayashram. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss how to redeem your prize.

Thanks to everyone who joined us during our chat and we’ll see you next time!

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