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Enterprise Backup and Recovery with Advanced Ransomware Protection

Asigra Tigris combines industry-leading backup and recovery with advanced security designed to protect your backups from today’s new breed of cyber attacks. Maximize your odds of data recovery with a single, integrated solution that is easy to manage and proactively protects your data like no other solution available today.

Tigris is delivered as-a-service through Asigra’s global network of MSP partners.



Fast and Comprehensive Backup and Recovery

  • Back up and recover data from multiple workloads, including SaaS, files, databases and more.

  • Automate full or incremental backup schedules.

  • Full or granular recovery.

  • Backup integrity features like Restore Validation and Autonomic Healing ensure data can be recovered quickly, reliably, and without loss or corruption.


Reliable Ransomware Protection

  • Asigra’s integrated security framework protects your backups against ransomware that circumvent traditional air gapped and immutable solutions.

  • NIST-FIPS 140-certified AES 256 bit encryption for in-flight and at-rest data ensures your data is secure.

  • MFA and new MPA (Multiperson Approval) prevent unauthorized or accidental actions that may result in data loss.


Easy Deployment
and Management

  • Agentless architecture makes deployment fast and easy.

  • Reduced costs with minimal infrastructure requirements.

  • Optimize on/off-premise or cloud storage to suit your specific needs.

  • Asigra's Web-based management console lets you manage your backup environment on a global or tenant level.

Multiperson Approval (MPA)

Ransomware isn’t the only threat to your backup data. Credential theft methods allow cybercriminals to gain access to your backups and attempt to delete them or modify your retention period in advance of a ransomware attack. Without your backups, you have no way of recovering your data.

New in Tigris 14.2

MPA is an industry-first feature in backup security and works together with MFA (Multifactor Authentication) to thwart unauthorized actions against your data as a result of credentials theft. 

Administrators configure accounts to require additional managers to approve a potentially destructive action that can result in data loss. When a user attempts to perform a destructive task, one or more users are notified and must approve the request within 30 minutes.

Administrators can customize thresholds and settings to specify how many additional approvals are required and which actions require the approvals.

Read More About MPA and Credentials Theft

Learn about the basics of credential theft prevention and backups.

Download the Whitepaper


Asigra Management Console

A simplified way to manage your Tigris backup environment

The Asigra Management Console is a Web-based command center that gives you instant access and visibility to your entire Tigris backup and recovery environment.

The console lets you schedule and initiate backup and recovery sessions easily for Windows, macOS and Linux file systems, Microsoft 365, VMware Center Servers, and more.

Monitoring is also easy thanks to an intuitive graphical dashboard, with the ability to generate multiple reports and view event, activity, and audit logs.

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)

Attackers will also make use of malicious code embedded deeply within multi-layered files that avoid antimalware detection.  

Asigra's advanced CDR security attacks this problem by taking multilayered files, like Microsoft Office or PDF files,  and first deconstructing them into their individual layers, and then scanning each layer for any foreign script, macro, or other code that may represent a threat.

Based on your predefined policies, Tigris will filter, block, or remove potentially dangerous content.  You can remove the file completely during recovery, strip out the suspected content from the file, or restore the file unchanged.  This ensures that the backed-up files are free from malicious content while still usable after a recovery.

See CDR in Action

Watch our short demo of CDR and Antimalware scanning in action.

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Features and Specifications

Features shown are current as of May 2023 (Version 14.2) and may change without notice.

Physical File Systems (Servers and Client)

Microsoft Windows (FAT/NTFS), Linux (NFS/SSH), Apple Mac OS X (NFS, APFS)

Virtual Machines

Microsoft Hyper-V Server, VMware VCenter Server, VMware Cloud Director

Enterprise Applications

Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook, SharePoint Server

Cloud Applications (SaaS)

Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace

  • MS 365 supports autodiscovery to automatically create backup sets for items added to the MS 365 domain.

Enterprise Databases

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle MySQL, Oracle SBT, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL

VM Replication

VMware virtual machines may be replicated between two vCenters.

Replication sets can contain either individual Virtual Machines or Virtual Machine Folders.