Automate the Management of EC2 Instances with Asigra AWS Snapshot Manager

We are very excited to announce the general availability of Asigra AWS Snapshot Manager. Asigra is the first enterprise data protection software provider to offer native support for AWS snapshot management.

Asigra AWS Snapshot Manager provides automated AWS snapshot management through granular scheduling and reporting. With Asigra AWS Snapshot Manager, you can create a snapshot schedule through a simple, user-friendly GUI that automates taking snapshots of one or more AWS EC2 instances eliminating the need to write extensive scripts allowing you to free up resources to focus on other business priorities. You have the flexibility to preserve or delete snapshots associated with a schedule along with ability to specify the optional frequency, time and deletion rules when creating a snapshot set. For example, you can specify for daily snapshots to occur at 12:00 AM EST and to be deleted after 30 days.

The application allows running either scheduled or manual snapshots for instances in AWS EC2 to meet changing business requirements. The application also allows full control on how many generations to keep enabling you to minimize your AWS EC2 costs.

Snapshot Manager Cloud Graphic

Reduce Your Management Time of AWS EC2

View and manage your entire AWS EC2 Account virtual machines’ snapshots through a single web user interface. Asigra AWS Snapshot Manager enables you to streamline the management of your EC2 instances by enabling you to automatically restore, copy, delete, migrate between regions, start, stop, launch, delete the snapshots on the fly to meet the overall needs of your organization.

Asigra AWS Snapshot Manager screenshot

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