Partner Testimonials

Over 1,000,000 global sites are powered by Asigra. Our software is trusted by hundreds of global Service Providers to deliver a reliable, secure, manageable and affordable cloud backup and recovery service to Fortune 500 companies.

Hear what our partners have to say about working with Asigra and why they continue to rely on Asigra to deliver peace of mind to their customers.


“It’s very rare to find a professional but very humble organization ready to stand with you whenever you need them.”

Anuj Mediratta
Director of Technology
Ace Data Devices Pvt Ltd

“We chose Asigra because we needed a solution that would scale and not compromise data security.”

Nick Mancini
Chief Technology Officer

“Asigra is the best product to support our customers that are mainly service providers.”

Francesco Baroncini

“Asigra provides a flexible agentless solution.”

Brent Reichow
Blueshift Data Protection

“We use Asigra solution to differentiate ourselves.”

Lasse Hjorth
Operations Manager for the Hosting Services

“The choice for Asigra was actually fairly easy.”

John Stone
Continent 8

“Asigra makes the conversation of security very simple.”

Matthew Grosso
CTO & Executive Vice-President
Data Storage Corporation

“To have an ongoing dialogue with such close partners who understand such a lot is really invaluable in helping us shape the way our business works.”

Peter Groucutt
Managing Director

“We knew right then and there that our company was going to be based on the Asigra product.”

Chad Whaley
CEO & Co-founder

“I would categorize the Asigra team as very thorough and I suppose that’s the most important quality to have when you’re responsible for a customer’s data.”

JJ Milner
Managing Director
Global Micro Solutions

“With Asigra we actually got an end-to-end story where we could complete multiple areas of our business.”

Sujoy Chatterjee
General Manager IT Services
ITC Infotech

“We chose Asigra because they allow us the highest quality possible backup solution...”

Scott La Franchie
Product Manager

“One of the reasons that we chose Asigra was their long track record of innovation.”

Craig Cook
Director and Chief Architect, Cloud Services
Long View Systems

“I think we can trust that we can provide this type of solution to our customers for the next 10 years because as proven in the last 7 years, it works.”

Christian Buhn
Portfolio Manager Backup & Recovery Solutions and Services
matrix technology

“Simply by adding very few extra components in and the Asigra software, we are able to deliver a very secure, highly automated cloud backup solution.”

Mark Saville
Managing Director
OnDemand Recovery

“The Recovery License Model really does work well for our partners given that they’re able to meet those twin demands of recovering and storing more data and at a lower price being forced through the government cuts.”

Mike Osborne
Managing Director, Business Continuity Unit
Phoenix IT Services

“Asigra stands out there as one of the best onboarding companies in terms of getting you ready to go to market.”

Rob Davies
Sales & Marketing Director

“Asigra is designed with service providers in mind.”

Russell Ridgley
Manager of Cloud Services

“We’ve had some data corrupted by bad storage and we watched the platform recover 80% of the data, which is amazing, anything else on the market would have been 0% recovery.”

Andrew Edgar
VP Storage and Systems

“When we deploy the Asigra backup and recovery solution it just works.”

Tim Walker
Managing Director
Taylor Made Computer Solutions

“If Asigra can see it, Asigra can back it up!”

Dawn Wright
Co-Founder / Director Sales and Marketing
Techgate PLC

“The great thing about Asigra is they’re channel only. So we’re not competing with them in terms of customers.”

James Chillman
Managing Director
UK Backup

“We will quite frequently see a situation where we solve customer problems and reduce their cost and then they turn around and redirect their savings to other areas.”

Stacy Hayes
VP of Strategic Alliances and Channels

“We did a lot of market research and found that Asigra stacked up very well, they were the most robust and technology advanced, even back in 2006.”

Terry Fields

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