Ensure business continuity

The real disaster? When you can’t recover quickly.

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Will you be left scrambling?

No data, no business. When disasters happen — and they do — every minute counts. As the complexity of IT environments grow, with vital information and systems interconnected across multiple virtual machines, hypervisors, physical servers, and the cloud, recovering your data and restoring operations can become overwhelming. How do you leave no room for error?

One key to a successful business continuity plan: a backup and recovery solution that delivers the flexibility to keep it simple.

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Cost of downtime for 81 percent of enterprises surveyed. 33 percent of companies say one hour of downtime would cost $1 million or more.


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The first step in business continuity planning: understanding the real cost of downtime.

Not all data is equal. In every IT environment, some systems are mission critical, while others are of lower value to the overall business. At the end of the day, most data is irreplaceable and needs some level of protection. But how do you align the cost of recovery with the value of the data?

Advanced backup and recovery solutions enable enterprises and MSPs to automate how they manage different tiers of backup data to achieve an optimal mix of fast recovery capabilities and cost-effective backup storage that achieve specific Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Achieve Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Objectives

Reduce downtime from hours to minutes. Meet business continuity and disaster recovery objectives with a simple, efficient, low-impact, and secure solution.

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Continuous Data Protection

Automatically backup data almost in real-time and recover back to any point in time.

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Instant Recovery

Reduce downtime and keep end users productive while you troubleshoot production issues.

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VM Replication

Protect virtual machines from partial or complete site failures by replicating to a DR datacenter.

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Primary Site Failover

Protect your most critical data in a catastrophic site failure, and continue normal business operations as you recover the primary site.

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Protect Multiple Platforms

Get back up and running within minutes. Achieve speedy RTOs on VMs, hypervisors, physical machines, and the cloud.

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Autonomic Healing

Constantly monitor logical and physical integrity of backup data as it’s written to storage.

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View case studies from different industries and how they have integrated the Asigra cloud backup and recovery solution.

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Learn how a UK non-profit organization easily switched from tape to cloud to efficiently protect over 5 TB of data in a mixed IT environment across 12 offices while still meeting data retention, recovery, and compliance mandates.

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