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Backup software crew Asigra has put out a new version of its product which disinfects scanned backup files for ransomware to prevent restoration reloading code that screws with your data.


Asigra Cloud Backup is seeking to protect a type of data that's becoming more susceptible to ransomware attacks: backups.


Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2017. Read them in this 9th annual series exclusive.


Cloud-to-cloud backup service is more agile and helpful in the way that it gives complete control over the data while still having the chance to leverage the benefits of clouds. The setup allows storing of data at multiple places. However, this option raises the risk and it also increases the vulnerability of data and the chances of it getting compromised, as against the offline hard backups.


Cloud services and software management wholesaler Egenera has teamed with cloud backup provider Asigra to produce the Xterity Essential Backup as a Service (E-BaaS), a new business continuity addition to Egenera's Xterity white label cloud offering for MSPs and ISVs.


Asigra just released the results of a survey of 125 managed service providers about their use of cloud backup. The survey said that nearly eight in 10 (79 percent) MSPs found their cloud backup services to be profitable and another 84 percent expect their sales of cloud backup to grow in 2017.


Asigra’s survey revealed that 89 percent of MSP respondents who are offering cloud backup services recently are profitable, while 87 percent of those profitable MSPs expect profit margins to grow in 2017.


A persistent outage that wiped out four hours of data customers entered into their CRMs on Tuesday had still not been fully remediated by Thursday afternoon.


Asigra this week announced the Asigra AWS Snapshot Manager, a tool that automates the management of Elastic Block Store (EBS) images of virtual machine volumes in Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environments running on Amazon Web Services.


Backup vendor Asigra has launched a free software tool to smooth the management of Elastic Block Store snapshots in the Amazon Web Services platform.