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Asigra ranked first as Pure Enabler based on a number of factors.


Asigra partnered with Zadara to release a purpose-built backup appliance with a subscription-based pricing model. It's aimed at service providers who would rather rent than buy.


A backup appliance that resists ransomware has been developed by Asigra and Zadara.


The Asigra appliance is built in partnership with Zadara and is available only through channel partners.


Cloud backup vendor Asigra shed light on the negative aspects of brokering cloud services. Find out about three potential business issues inherent in the brokerage model.


Not sure? Don’t know? Well, listen up! Hackers are again way ahead of the game as they have already found a way to plant malware into your data and keep it dormant for months! It waits until you think your backups are safe and then when you least expect it, the malware is activated. Boom!

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Backup software is now the second most favourite attack vector from ransomware and malware after operating systems. Asigra has taken a strong stance on security, making sure that ransomware cannot come in and out of the repository, avoiding the attack-loop.

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Asigra's integrated backup appliance combines its Cloud Backup Evolved V14 antiransomware software with iXsystems' TrueNAS hardware featuring the OpenZFS file system.


Veteran data protection vendor Asigra beat out new and older competition with its Cloud Backup Evolved product, highlighted by its ability to shield backups from ransomware.