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Asigra's forthcoming SaaSBackup platform lets Asigra data protection technology protect SaaS backups. MSPs will be able to sell SDK connections through a new marketplace.


SaaSBACKUP is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows all solutions to connect with an API to protect all data within the SaaS application.


Asigra has been recognized as one of the Top 30 Innovative Brands of 2023 by The Silicon Review.

As a pioneer in the backup space, Asigra has been delivering innovative solutions to its valued customers for over 25 years. Asigra’s multi-award winning enterprise backup and recovery platform and its culture of innovation are at the heart of the company’s success.

“Asigra focuses on the intersection between backup and cybersecurity in unique ways that provide several layers of protection against both external and insider threats,” stated Asigra CEO Eric Simmons.

This includes progressive features within Asigra's Deep-6 Security stack, such as Bidirectional Antimalware Scanning and CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction Technology).

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According to the 2022 Verizon Business Data Breach Investigation‘s Report, “This has been an unprecedented year in cybersecurity history, shedding light on some of the leading issues affecting the international security landscape. Of particular concern is the alarming rise in ransomware breaches, which increased by 13% in a single year – representing a jump greater than the past five years combined.”


Asigra Inc. has announced the general availability of Tigris Data Protection software with CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction). CDR offers advanced protection against deeply embedded malware.


Asigra today added a content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) capability to its Tigris data protection platform to identify malware that might be hidden in files an organization is depending on to thwart ransomware attacks.


Asigra has released Tigris – a data protection software product – aimed at detecting and disarming malicious code embedded deep within zipped content files, where it is invisible to most scanners.


Asigra has added the ability to remove ransomware infections from files while keeping the file intact with its new Content Disarm and Reconstruction feature.


Asigra announced the general availability of Tigris Data Protection software with CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction). The addition of CDR to Asigra’s comprehensive suite of security features make it the most security-forward backup and recovery software platform on the market.