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Don’t Let Data Loss Sink Your Business

60% of companies go out of business within six months of a major data loss or disaster.

Today’s business runs on data. But threats have evolved: technology failure, environmental disaster, cloud outages, malevolent cyber sabotage or innocent employee error, and more. In a digital age, a backup and recovery solution is essential insurance.

Businesses need a smart evolved approach that minimizes operational overhead and infrastructure costs, addresses modern attack vectors and compliance risks, while still ensuring that their data is safe — and can always be quickly restored.

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Control the Complexity of Data Growth

Maintaining countless backup agents across an entire corporate IT environment is increasingly unfeasible.

IT is responsible for more sources of data than ever, from physical servers, virtual machines and cloud apps to remote laptops and multiple types of smartphones. How can you protect it all to meet stringent compliance and business continuity obligations, no matter where the data resides? A modern backup solution must be both flexible and holistic to let nothing slip through the cracks.

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Manage Data with Streamlined Processes

Error-prone manual backup and recovery saps productivity and undermines user trust.

Under growing pressure to deliver value to the business, IT can no longer afford to waste resources on tedious, inefficient backup and recovery processes.

But what if you could reduce any outage to just a blip that users barely notice? No disruption. No productivity drop. No lost revenue. No complaints.

Backup solutions must have expertise built-in with extensive automation and intuitive consoles to minimize manual effort and human error.

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Management Console

A highly intuitive dashboard reduces training and makes it easy to administer backup and recovery.

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Instant Recovery

Reduce downtime and keep end users productive while you troubleshoot production issues.

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Agentless Cloud Backup Architecture

Centrally hosted software enables highly efficient, low-touch mass deployment and management.

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Autonomic Healing

Constantly monitor logical and physical integrity of backup data as it’s written to storage.

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Continuous Data Protection

Automatically backup data almost in real-time and recover back to any point in time.

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