Compliance Management

New regulations with severe penalties are raising the stakes for how businesses securely store and manage many types of data. Your backup solution plays a critical role in compliance.

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Get serious about managing compliance risk before costs add up

Companies of all sizes face increasingly stringent government regulations over how they manage corporate data.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applies to the personal data of EU citizens regardless of a business’s location, is only the latest. It won’t be the last.

An organization’s data backup solution performs a vital function as part of implementing a robust compliance management strategy that won’t excessively burden day-to-day business operations.

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Estimated total time companies with more than 250 employees expect to spend responding to GDPR enquiries — searching on average 43 databases

SOURCE: Senzing, “Finding The Missing Link In GDPR Compliance”, 2018

Achieve Compliance Mandates Simply and Affordably

Protect all your organization’s regulated data, regardless of where it resides — on-premise, in the cloud or with a third-party service. Asigra ensures you can efficiently and cost-effectively control how different types and tiers of data are securely stored or deleted as regulations demand.

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Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your backup is fully compliant with all major regulations:

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NIST FIPS 140-2 Certification

AES 256-bit in-flight and at-rest data encryption protects your data to the highest level of security and compliance.

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Granular Backup File Deletion

Comply with “Right to Erasure” regulations, such as GDPR Article 17. Asigra enables organizations to find and wipe personally identifiable information (PII) from backup archive data

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Maintain several versions of files in a secure off-site location to protect against accidental and malicious data corruption.

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Management Console

Modern interface provides reporting capabilities that demonstrate consent and compliance.

Case Studies


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View case studies from different industries and how they have integrated the Asigra cloud backup and recovery solution.

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Median Technologies and TAS France

Healthcare Technology Provider Implements Low-Touch Agentless Backup Across Distributed IT Environment for Enhanced Protection and Compliance Readiness
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PCS Trade Union

Began an initiative to enhance its hardware, software and services to strengthen its IT operations to ensure security and compliance.
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Allies Healthcare

Learn how a New Jersey non-profit agency easily met HIPAA compliance regulations with a cloud-based solution that delivered end-to-end data protection and recovery times of less than 30 seconds.
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FIS Global

Addressing customer requirements with a flexible, scalable backup solution.
compliance management strategy

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