What’s New in the Data Recovery and Protection Market


Join Host - Alan HartAbdul Altamimi – Founder and Chief Technology Officer at RestorePoint and Gerson Guevara – Senior Lead Solution Engineer at Asigra to learn new and emerging trends within the data protection and security industry and how these new trends affect your business.

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What’s new in the area of data protection?
  • Most companies are moving data towards cloud SaaS based applications (i.e. Office 365, Salesforce.com, and Google Apps).
  • Cloud Based Infrastructure Services (IaaS) like MS Azure and Amazon Web Services are proliferating rapidly in the marketplace.
What are some of the challenges with these new platforms?

SaaS (i.e. Office365, Google Apps, Salesforce.com): What most organizations don’t know that these cloud based applications do not back themselves up. This makes recovering data costly, as it will require several SaaS administrators to recover lost files.

IaaS (i.e. MS Azure and AWS): While these services have totally changed the IT landscape, Gerson Guevara from Asigra provides some of the ongoing challenges with these two cloud based infrastructure services:

  • lack of productivity and efficiency
  • lack of data management tools
  • lack of scheduling capabilities
  • very time consuming for analysts as there is a lack of automation
  • requires extensive scripts written in order to perform  basic functions
  • lack of reporting functionality
What should organizations know about these new solutions and services?
  • Learning these new systems and services will take time and money. However, in the midst of the learning curve, keep data protection and recovery a priority.
  • Because SaaS and IaaS is dominant in the industry remember that all corporate data needs to be backed up…regardless of the device or where it’s located.
What should organizations do when investing in these new/emerging technologies (either SaaS or cloud based infrastructure services?)
  • To ensure that data protection remains a priority and meets the ever-changing compliance requirements and marketplace demands, Administrators, Systems and IT Analysts should choose a comprehensive data protection solution that is flexible, secure, centralized and manageable. As most SaaS solutions do not include a back-up or recovery function and can cost to the tune of $10,000 (with no service level agreement) to restore data, it’s best to secure a data protection solution in conjunction with investing in a SaaS.
  • Do not invest in archaic services of data protection. The best place to protect all cloud based services are to another cloud.

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