Highstreet IT Solutions, an IT outsourcing company was looking to expand into managed services with a new Cloud Division. In order to provide effective and dependable private cloud IT solutions, they required a cloud backup and recovery platform both flexible and powerful enough to protect any data source for their diverse number of clients across a wide range of industries. Through a six-month evaluation process, Highstreet decided to select Asigra Cloud Backup based on the value and features available.

Highstreet’s reasoning behind choosing the Asigra platform include:

  • Efficiency benefits with de-duplication and advanced compression techniques
  • Agentless platform making it simpler to efficiently protect operating systems and applications
  • Licensing structure that covered all data sources, eliminating any per-node licensing or costly additional point solutions
  • Capability to provide military grade security in a multi-tenant environment
  • Attentive customer support - issues resolved in a timely manner

“In terms of Marketing, Asigra has the best partner portal” says Dolores Wellisch, Executive Director of Marketing, Highstreet IT Solutions. She adds that the turnkey marketing campaigns provided have helped “to further [their] relationships”.

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