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Trustify adds Cyber Resilience with Data2Vault’s Cloud Backup and Ransomware Recovery services

Bedford, UK – August 2, 2021 – Trustify and Data2Vault, an Asigra Hybrid Partner, today announced they are integrating Cloud Backup and Attack-Loop, zero-day malware detection with the Trustify Cybersecurity platform, Trust365.

Cyber Resilience ensures organisations can successfully recover from a Cyberattack and with the increase in ransomware activity, receiving an early warning that your Microsoft365 or Windows network data is infected with zero-day malware is invaluable to ensuring preparedness, recoverability and resilience.

When it comes to Cybersecurity, there are no prizes for second place. You need a provider who can both see the big picture and deal with the finer details. When it’s all or nothing, you need Trust365.

The main product of our four-year Service Development Program has been the delivery of a Trust Services Platform for Mid & Large Enterprise organisations facing the challenges of the Cloud, DX and IoT. It combines PKI Automation for Enterprise Identity & Trust requirements, with a strong Chain of Trust solution to address the challenges of Discovery, Authentication, Enrolment, Encryption, Monitoring, and Updating of Devices in all IT/IoT environs. Automating proven, and standards-based Crypto technologies to plug the gap between legacy PKI services and the emergence of yet unproven Blockchain applications. This is complemented by a suite of SaaS-based applications including TrustiMail and TrustiComms – both proven in the Military and Intelligence Agency environs.

For SMEs (1-250 seats), and due to launch in October 2021, Datasurance delivers complete cover for your critical data – the 1s & 0s which are the lifeblood of every organisation. Datasurance partners with some of the biggest names in data security, trusted identity, and insurance – Munich RE, Marsh Commercial, and Experian to name a few.

Ransomware gangs are launching ever more sophisticated attacks, targeting organisations operating conventional IT Backup and DR solutions that fail to provide Cyber Resilience. Combatting these attacks requires a multi-layered response, and Trustify’s services incorporating Attack Loop cyber protection work across a number of key areas to alert on infection, quarantine contaminated files, protect backup files and safeguard the data in use within key applications.

Should you worry about Ransomware infecting your network or Microsoft365 data?

Yes, you should. By all measures, over the last 24 months ransomware has become the largest single Cyber threat to IT operations and Business Continuity. According to Cyber Insurers and Cybersecurity providers, Cloud data is now encrypted by ransomware in 59% of incidents reported.

Ransomware is regularly combined with either Business Email Compromise and Invoice Fraud, or the exfiltration of data, that is then sold on the dark web if a fee is not paid. In their latest study IBM and Ponemon Institute concluded that the average time between a cyber breach and detection is now 207 days, during that time evolved ransomware is infecting corporate data in Microsoft365 and offsite backup files every day. TrustiBrands has seen a 200-fold increase in these attacks.

Air-gapped backups, immutable copies, scanning snapshots or scanning backup files using pattern matching technology will not prevent a successful ransomware attack in 2021 and beyond. As the data gets infected, so do the daily backup files, irrespective of whether they are stored locally, offsite or in immutable storage. Scanning backup and recovery files for zero-day exploits and protecting backup files from deletion is the only way to combat evolved ransomware.

Trustify Partner Director, Sean Chandiram commented “Adding the Asigra Attack-Loop service from Data2Vault to the mix of what we already have within the Trust365 portfolio is enhancing the client’s journey within the channel and making what we secure even more compelling. Moreover, it is fully complementary to our product sets. He went on to add “organisations need to face up to the fact that backing-up data is one thing, but ensuring it’s clean and recovering the data in the event of a breach or attack is something completely different and a critical necessity.”

Data2Vault Director, Mark Saville commented “We welcome the opportunity to work closely with Trustify and their channel partners to add our complementary services to the innovative Trust365 Cybersecurity platform” he went on to add “organisations are becoming much more aware of Cyber Resilience, being able to successfully recover when, not if you have a cyber incident, is absolutely essential.”

If you have suffered a cyber breach, scanning with Asigra Attack-Loop will tell you immediately if malware is embedded in your data, at which point the data can be quarantined or deleted, and the data in the backup files will remain clean.

For more information about Trust365, Cloud Backup, DR and Recovery from Ransomware services contact:

Lorna Gevaux on 0333 344 2380 or at lorna.gevaux@data2vault.com

Steve Boland on 07580 977937 or steve.boland@trustify.com

About Trustify

Trustify Ltd is a leading cybersecurity provider based in Edinburgh.Trust365 from Trustify is a purpose-built Managed Security Service designed by professionals with over 25 years of experience at every level and across every discipline in Cybersecurity.

10 ground-breaking services, each with the same powerful automation that makes deploying them from the cloud simple, affordable and scalable. Trust365 delivers these services from an unbreakable private Security Operations Centre with Zero Trust Orchestration and Automation and can include optional cyber risk insurance for any size of organisation, completely aligned to the maturity of your security situation.

About Data2Vault

Data2Vault are a UK based Managed Service Provider offering a range of advanced, secure Data Protection services that improve Cyber Resilience. These services include cloud backup, recovery from ransomware, IT Disaster Recovery and offsite data archiving, Powered by Asigra. Our key engineers and executives have over fifteen years experience in data protection and see Cyber Resilience as the convergence of data protection and cyber security, an essential element in organisational resilience. Data2Vault is a vendor in the London Digital Security Centre Marketplace, a member of Digital Catapult, Cyber 101, a growth accelerator founded by DCMS and we have a Director that sits on the Advisory board of the Police Digital Security Centre, a national body that is an integral part of the Police Crime Prevention Initiative – Secured by Design.

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