Median Technologies Automates Compliant Data Protection with Asigra and TAS Group

TORONTO, ON – October 15, 2019 Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider since 1986, today announced that Median Technologies, a leader in medical imaging analysis, has chosen TAS Group managed backup services powered by Asigra to oversee data protection for the company. Median made the decision to consolidate data protection across its European, North American and other locations to streamline backup operations while improving data recovery times and the company’s healthcare and GDPR compliance profile.

Median Technologies is at the vanguard of medical imaging analysis. The company helps medical organizations and bio pharmaceutical sponsors globally to manage end-to-end imaging workflows that ensure consistent delivery and timely results. As medical imaging is an essential aspect of healthcare operations, the need to protect that information is equally important. For this reason, Median began collaborating with cloud and managed services provider TAS Group and Asigra to optimize their backup infrastructure. In addition to a more effective backup/recovery solution, the company was also interested in improving compliance readiness, limiting the size of its backup environment and reducing manual backup processes in order to prevent unnecessary costs and fines.

“One of the primary areas positioning TAS and Asigra well above the competitive fray was the high level of backup automation, allowing Median to focus on what they do best – medical imaging,” said Lionel Faure, Business Development Executive for TAS Group. “Because of the complex distributed IT environment, the integration of Asigra’s highly adaptive platform with TAS service infrastructure made the deployment clean, simple and effective for the customer.”

TAS Group is a software company with many practice areas, of which Cloud and Managed Services provided by its hosting and housing division, where TAS incorporates special procedures for continuity of services and business recovery. For highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, all data protection policies are monitored and measured continuously and the company is certified each year under ISO 9001-2015, IAF33 Datacenter, Hosting and Housing, and others of which ISO 9001-2017 for information security.

The data protection challenges confronting Median and addressed by Asigra and TAS Group included fast data recovery times measured in minutes instead of hours to meet business continuity objectives. Backup data bloat is being managed with efficient data deduplication, advanced compression, and the backup/transmission of only new or changed data, also known as Incremental Forever. The need for manual intervention was significantly reduced under the management of TAS and Asigra’s automated cloud-based platform. Additionally, users are now fully protected regardless of their operating environment using Asigra’s protocol agnostic platform.

“The new low-touch backup environment by TAS Group and Asigra has more than met our expectations,” said Fabrice LAMY, Senior Infrastructure Manager, Median Technologies. “The attention to detail in the TAS/Asigra solution has impressed our team of IT experts, addressing some of the most difficult challenges around backup efficiency, security and compliance. Additionally, the fact that both organizations are certified by the relevant regulatory bodies in the biopharma/clinical trial industry made our decision an easy one.”

“Median Technologies has optimized data protection readiness to protect against the risk of data loss or non-compliance with our award-winning software and services by TAS Group,” said Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President, Asigra, Inc. “The combined solution has provided Median with multiple layers of added protection and improved business agility so that the organization can now adapt to any challenge thrown their way.”

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