Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Recovery

Is your organization using a cloud-based application that operates in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud? Relying on the application provider to back up your critical business data may present serious risks, including the potential for lost intellectual property, regulatory non-compliance and diluted competitive advantage.

Their cloud, your data

When your data resides in an external SaaS or PaaS cloud—even if it’s with the likes of or Google Apps—it’s still your organization that has the ultimate responsibility for it. Any loss of customer data or sensitive business information residing in these platforms will be borne by your business.

Data in cloud-based applications and platforms needs to be protected from data loss the same as any other on-premise application data.

How Asigra can help

Reclaim control of the business information that resides outside of your data centers.

Asigra Cloud Backup™ provides the same backup and recovery protection for data in cloud-based applications and platforms as it does in on-premise data centers.

Agentless Asigra Cloud Backup enables you to manage the recoverability of cloud-based application data in five ways:

  • Back up the data in SaaS / PaaS clouds to authorized secure data centers or your own data center
  • Choose the frequency and granularity of the backups to ensure that data is protected as long as required for compliance and business continuity
  • Set and achieve Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives
  • Store all data in a secure, encrypted form so unauthorized users do not have access to the backup information
  • Retain access to data at all times
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

With Asigra Cloud Backup’s single, integrated approach to data protection, you won’t require point solutions or processes just for SaaS and PaaS data. Administrators can easily configure, manage and schedule all backup activities from the same intuitive interface and will no longer have to manually maintain various versions of PaaS and SaaS flat files.

Talk to a Specialist

Got questions? Let us put you in touch with an Asigra Partner near you who can provide answers about private, public or hybrid data protection solutions. Leave us a request and someone will get back to you within one business day.

How it works

This diagram illustrates a typical Asigra Cloud Backup implementation for

Cloud to Cloud Salesforce Diagram

Explore Asigra Cloud Backup

Asigra’s enterprise-class backup and recovery software provides a complete range of features that ensure the maximum in reliability, security, manageability and affordability.

Purpose-built for public, private and hybrid cloud architectures, Asigra Cloud Backup is equipped with:

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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Recovery

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