Recover Less? Pay Less

Most companies today absolutely depend on data to operate their businesses. It is critical that they back it up so that they are able to recover it if they need to.

But as the volume of data grows, backup and recovery solutions are becoming increasingly expensive. The central problem: companies pay based on how much data they backup. How much data they actually recover never factors into the equation.

At Asigra, we think this is unfair. That’s why we developed the Asigra Recovery License Model®, an innovative, performance-based pricing model that reflects the true business value of backup and recovery, while delivering significant cost savings.

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Recovery License Model Chart

Users Pick Asigra as Top Enterprise Backup Application

Despite the high expectations set by storage pros who are known to be tough judges of the software they use, Asigra Cloud Backup™ software managed to not only sweep the categories for the second consecutive year but also improve on its scores for every category in the enterprise group.

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Source: 2015 TechTarget Storage Magazine Quality Awards

Take a Peek Under the Hood

What goes into the design of a single, integrated software solution for enterprise-class backup and recovery?

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We’ve learned a thing or two during our 30 years in business, and we like to share that knowledge.

Asigra Converged Data Protection Appliances for MSPs

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