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In today’s competitive economy, Service Providers need to ensure their employees make the best use of their skills and time. Keep vital in-house IT expertise focused on their mission-critical projects and let our highly experienced engineers help you quickly get the most out of your backup and recovery platform.

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With Asigra, you get more than just market-leading backup and recovery software. You also get a business partner committed to helping you realize the value of your investment faster. Our dedicated team of experts offer a wide range of professional services — from implementation to custom reports and system health checks — that will keep Asigra Cloud Backup™ efficiently optimized for your business.

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  • Installation  and Configuration — Get your Asigra software platform professionally installed by our certified engineers, so you can focus your attention on the rest of your business. Our Installation and Configuration Services are designed to be delivered remotely to help you get up and running quickly. You decide what level of service you need: basic setup of your vault, a full deployment of all the Asigra Cloud Backup™ components or a deployment of a customized solution specific to your requirements.
  • Design — Need some help with the design of a new installation or need to redesign an existing installation? Asigra’s Design Service works closely with your team to design a solution that will meet your requirements for stability, redundancy and performance.
  • Architecture Configuration and Migration — This service, delivered remotely to reduce time and cost, configures your Standalone DS-Client  or Standalone DS-System  into a GRID or Cluster configuration. This High Availability (HA) configuration improves computing performance by distributing tasks across multiple nodes, allowing more data to be processed quickly and shortening the backup window.
  • Platform Upgrade or Migration — Expand your current infrastructure or upgrade older versions of software. Our team will quickly and efficiently migrate from a Windows platform to a Linux platform or vice-versa. Whether you’re moving both the DS-System application and data, or just the DS-System application, our team can help ensure a smooth migration with a three-step process, including discovery planning, migration execution and post-migration review.
  • Managed Support Service — If you face a gap in technical resources, Asigra can provide Level 1 and Level 2 troubleshooting as an extension of your organization, ensuring your end users have consistent quality support. Our team will perform the five-step diagnostic on your behalf, escalating to Level 3 as necessary, while your organization ramps up technical skills.
  • Health-Check — Designed for Service Providers who are concerned they are not maximizing their Asigra Cloud Backup platform, this service provides 3 days of onsite Asigra architectural and environment review, culminating in a report with recommendations tailored to your strategy, requirements and business objectives.
  • Managed Proof of Concept — For Service Providers that have a gap in personnel or skill-sets, an Asigra Professional Services Engineer will act as the lead technical resource to perform a proof of concept (POC) with an end customer. While the Service Provider remains engaged at all times, the Asigra engineer will manage the POC to the specifications of the test plan outlined by the end user.
  • Custom Report Creation and Integration — When reporting data for billing, storage usage or backup sets, it’s crucial to have the correct data displayed in the right format. Our engineers and developers will collect your requirements and create a database script template that uses a custom dataset to meet your reporting needs.
  • API Installation Assistance and Scripting — Improve business processes and operational efficiency by integrating Asigra Cloud BackupTM with your existing applications. Whether you are trying to make a web interface GUI to connect to your Asigra DS-Client or one to manage your Asigra DS-System, Asigra can fully customize an API or help configure and tweak our “out of the box” APIs.
  • RFP Proposal Creation/Review — Need our assistance with the Asigra portion of a RFP response? Asigra can help create or review a proposal, depending on the level of engagement you need.

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