Asigra Technical Certification

Become an expert in industry-leading cloud backup and recovery software. Our certification program covers the entire Asigra Cloud Backup™ product suite, helping technical professionals advance their careers with practical skills and knowledge for managing enterprise data protection in any environment.

The Asigra Certification Program is divided into four levels:

  1. Asigra Certified Associate (ACA)
  2. Asigra Certified Professional (ACP)
  3. Asigra Certified Engineer (ACE)
  4. Asigra Certified Instructor (ACI)

Who should register?

The Asigra Technical Certification courses are developed for individual IT professionals:

  • Windows system administrators
  • Linux system administrators
  • System engineers
  • Network administrators
  • System integration or development staff
  • Technical support personnel

Get certified on Asigra

To sign up for virtual or in-class training, please contact your Asigra Sales Manager or email a training specialist.

Please note: All certifications are valid for two major product releases — the version for which it was originally acquired and the subsequent major release. Currently, certifications are valid for Asigra Cloud Backup 12.0 and 12.2. To update your certification, take the Certification Refresh Course. Contact us for a quote and more information.

What you will learn

Our curriculum helps engineers and administrators specialize within the competitive IT market. In addition to working with various real-life scenarios, participants will use hands-on exercises to gain applied knowledge about the various components of Asigra Cloud Backup.

Asigra Certified Associate (ACA)

By completing this level of certification, you will be able to:

  • Deploy all elements of the software in either physical or virtual environments
  • Optimally configure all of the components for best performance
  • Manage and monitor the Asigra components
  • Generate logs and reports
  • Return specific information from the logs
  • Track the environment in DS-Billing for easy invoicing
  • Decipher and be able to advise when data should be kept on the DS-System Online Storage and when it should be archived
  • Configure the DS-NOC for use by all user types

Training sessions include both in-class or virtual instructor-led training and online learning.

In class:


  • Asigra Mobile Family
  • Backup Data Retention
  • DS-License Server: Configuration & Usage
  • Upgrade Course: v11 to V12.2

Asigra Certified Professional (ACP)

Pre-requisite: Asigra Certified Associate

Once you have attained the ACA certification, you can advance to the ACP level. This will help you become more instrumental in troubleshooting all Asigra components, as well as optimizing them to work in any environment. You will manage advanced configurations for tuned performance and ensure that any enterprise deployment runs efficiently and productively.

To attain this level of certification, you need to successfully complete two online courses:

  • BLM Archiver: Configuration & Usage Course
  • DS-NOC: Configuration & Usage Course

Asigra Certified Engineer (ACE)

Pre-requisite: Asigra Certified Professional

Learn how to provide architectural design and deployment strategies, as well as specialize in an application or an Operating System supported by Asigra, such as a Windows and Microsoft Exchange.

To earn the ACE designation, you need to successfully complete the following:

  • Pending ACE Exam (online) — passing this pre-exam earns you the designation “Pending ACE” with the same qualifications as an ACE while you successfully complete the Proctored Exam within 6 months
  • ACE Proctored Exam — You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and skills via a proctored exam. For specific details, please contact an Asigra Training Specialist.

Asigra Certified Instructor (ACI)

Pre-requisite: Asigra Certified Professional

In order to attain the ACI certification, you will have proven experience as an instructor. You will need to demonstrate your abilities by successfully completing exams with a grade of 90% or higher. ACIs often work inside Asigra Authorized Training Partners.

To become an ACI designation, you will complete the following:

  • Train the Trainer course
    • Part A — The student will deliver to the Asigra training department a seminar based on material provided by Asigra. To replicate a real classroom environment, they will be asked questions on the content of the session they are teaching
    • Part B — An informal discussion about lab setup and course execution, as well as a guide to effectively using the Asigra training materials

Note: this designation is for individuals, not an organization. Having an ACI on staff does not make that organization an Asigra Authorized Training Partner.

Get more information

To register for one of our technical certification training programs, please contact your Asigra Partner Sales Manager or email one of our training specialists.

The following resource provides further details:


Asigra Training Certification

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