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Old school agent-based backup and recovery solutions require software to be installed on each host server that you want to back up. Using agents with either a tape or a disk-to-disk (D2D) product directly impacts system performance, data security, recoverability and costs. And if you've ever worked with them, you know that agent management gets complex when you have to deal with different operating systems and revision levels, not to mention software packages that require agents... what a drag!

If you want to steer clear of complexity and avoid "agent pollution,” watch this webinar to learn why effective, agentless backup solutions are NOT a myth.

In this webinar, Marc Staimer, President & Chief Dragon Slayer of Dragon Slayer Consulting, Nathan Golden, CEO of Managecast Technologies and Carlos DaSilva, Product Manager of Asigra explain:

  • Why traditional agent-based backup is difficult and costly to manage
  • The top 9 benefits of agentless backup
  • Why agentless backup is more secure
  • How an agentless solution can improve data security
  • Why Asigra’s agentless solution was voted the top enterprise backup application for 2014

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