Virtual Disaster Recovery

Organizations increasingly rely on VMware virtual machines for their critical data and applications and need them to remain available at all times. Asigra Cloud Backup™ ensures that businesses continue to operate as usual, even as they recover from local machine or complete site failures.

Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR)Asigra Cloud Backup helps organizations meet their business continuity and disaster recovery objectives with a simple, efficient, low-impact and secure solution.

With Asigra Cloud Backup, you can:

  • Recover immediately from local machine failures - Local DS-VDR allows you to recover faster from machine outages by simply turning on a backup copy of the virtual machine in your local environment and continue business operations with little or no downtime
  • Convert critical physical machines into virtual copies - Recover faster from machine outages by maintaining multiple generations, allowing you to switch back to an earlier point in time copy in a matter of minutes
  • Fail over to a warm spare in a remote data center - In the event of a catastrophic site failure, normal business operations can continue, even as you recover the primary site

Asigra Cloud Backup enables organizations to perform resource-efficient backups of their VMware virtual machines. Low-impact backups minimize the use of storage, network and computing resources, while ensuring all backup data is always recoverable. Asigra extends VMware’s Change Block Tracking (CBT) features to both backup and restore ensuring that you recover instantly, while using the least amount of resources.

To learn more about how you can protect your VMware virtual machines and recover immediately from failures, download one of our white papers: Comprehensive VMware Virtual Machine Protection with Asigra Cloud Backup

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