For Value Added Resellers

Asigra recognizes that the current business environment in the channel reflects a hybrid nature.  The increase in IT complexity, the advent of Cloud Computing and the current state of the economy are all driving channel partners to look at new ways to maintain and generate revenues.

Asigra offers value added resellers the opportunity to become more responsive to the needs of their customers – some customers will want to buy services from a public multi-tenant cloud, some will want to build their own internal corporate cloud and others may want a hybrid of both.

You can choose your level of involvement with our flexible partnership options matched to your capabilities. Sell term licensing in lieu of perpetual licensing to customers who want to use OPEX instead of CAPEX in these tough economic times - and build a steady monthly revenue stream instead of “sell once – collect once.”

We’ll help you move to managed services with extensive advice, tools, and a partner community, along with the ability to sell the platform. And we won’t compete with you, because we will never sell directly to end-users. Instead, our team of Cloud Backup specialists will support you through every step of the sales cycle.

Apply to become an Asigra Hybrid Partner.

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