Tablets and Smartphones

In most organizations, data from table and smartphone user does not reside in the company's central data center, making it difficult for IT administrators to properly backup and safeguard this data.

In many cases, information stored on non-traditional endpoint devices is critical to a company’s business operations, but it is often left up to end users to protect and safeguard this data. Adding to these challenges is the fact that, until now, backup applications for these devices via Cloud BURR platforms simply didn’t exist.

Asigra Cloud Backup v11 solves this problem by introducing a Cloud BURR-based mobile client that’s specifically built for tablets and smart phones, enabling quick backup and recovery through intuitive wizards and options. It’s so efficient and easy to use that DS-Mobile Client users can backup and recover their own data, anytime, anywhere!

Operating systems supported include:

  1. Google Android (Tablets and Smart Phones)
  2. Apple iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone).

Mobile downloads of the Asigra app are available from:

  1. Apple App Store
  2. Google Play
  3. Amazon Appstore

Simple, fast, cost-effective deployment

Agentless technology eliminates the need to install software on every target endpoint device you need to protect. Pay only for the total amount of compressed data from across your enterprise – no matter how many tablets and smart phones are protected.

Quick and efficient data recovery

Restore critical data quickly from the local storage on the LAN or from the online vault in the enterprise data center. You can backup while restoring, or restore while backing up.

Centralized control

  • With Asigra Cloud Backup v11, IT staff can manage the online vault and data repository, track backup consumption for each user, and perform other high-level administrative tasks. Web-based status reports assure accountability, verifying that all backups occurred as scheduled.
  • The central hub has a complete view of the entire LAN from one interface that is easily integrated with existing SNMP-based monitoring and notification systems.
  • Help Desk staff can connect to tablets and smart phones over the network to schedule backup jobs and restore lost files.

To learn more, contact an Asigra Cloud Backup Specialist.

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