Backup and Recovery for Enterprise Linux and Windows Servers

The data center is at the very heart of how an enterprise operates: if the servers stop pumping data, a business will quickly slip into critical condition. Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies allow an IT organization to react swiftly and confidently in case of such an emergency.

A backup and recovery solution that delivers secure, reliable and manageable data protection is an essential part of meeting business continuity and disaster recovery objectives.

Be ready for anything

Enterprise data centers are changing as IT organizations continue to turn to virtualization and cloud technologies. Your data protection solution should be able to adapt to increasingly heterogeneous environments with a comprehensive approach that is hardware and software agnostic.

Point solutions don’t provide complete protection — they may only backup local machines or provide protection for certain types of virtual machines. This can result in the same data being backed up more than once. Not only is this an inefficient use of storage and network resources, but it also increases risks, since your backup administrator does not have a single view of all the backup activities in the organization. The result: confusion and the lack of a clear recovery strategy in the face of data loss.

How Asigra can help

Meet your business continuity and disaster recovery objectives with an efficient, low-impact and secure solution. Asigra Cloud Backup™ ensures that your business continues to operate as usual, even as you recover from local machine or complete site failures.

With Asigra Cloud Backup, you can:

  • Set it and forget it — Automatic and transparent operation and upgrades require no end-user intervention, system re-starts or scheduled downtime
  • Improve recovery point objectives — Incremental forever backup captures only new or changed data, reducing backup windows
  • Achieve granular recoveries with a single-pass backup — Application-aware, crash-consistent recoveries of a complete database or down to the level of individual files
  • Perform efficient block-level and file-level backups of local and virtual machines — Low-impact backups minimize the use of storage, network and computing resources, while ensuring all backup data is always recoverable
  • Recover immediately from local machine failures — Local DS-VDR allows you to recover faster from machine outages by simply turning on a backup copy of the virtual machine in your local environment and continue business operations with little or no downtime
  • Convert critical physical machines into virtual copies — Recover faster from machine outages by maintaining multiple generations, allowing you to switch back in a matter of minutes to a copy made at an earlier point in time
  • Fail over to a warm spare in a remote data center — In the event of a catastrophic site failure, normal business operations can continue, even as you recover the primary site

Talk to a Specialist

Got questions? Let us put you in touch with an Asigra Partner near you who can provide answers about private, public or hybrid data protection solutions. Leave us a request and someone will get back to you within one business day.

Take control

Asigra’s enterprise-class backup and recovery software protects data from the core to beyond the edge. Hardware and software agnostic, it integrates recovery protection for all servers, virtualized environments and endpoint devices, including desktop, laptops, smartphones and tablets, as well as cloud-based applications. Backups will not affect the performance of applications.

With Asigra Cloud Backup, you get complete control over data recovery. You can restore a complete server or database, individual accounts, or just a single file, all from a single backup of your data. You also have restore location flexibility, so you can recover the information to the same location that you backed up from or to an alternate location of your choice.

Server Backup Diagram

Explore Asigra Cloud Backup

Asigra’s enterprise-class backup and recovery software provides a full suite of features that ensure the maximum in reliability, security, manageability and affordability.

Purpose-built for public, private and hybrid cloud architectures, Asigra Cloud Backup is equipped with:

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