Backup for Remote Offices

Traditional approaches to backup are not designed to protect data in remote office locations. Companies with remote offices are tasked with protecting data without IT resources at the remote location, while managing bandwidth costs and meeting shrinking backup windows.

Networking alone typically accounts for 30 percent or more of the total IT expenditures of an enterprise. For some companies, the recurring cost of WAN bandwidth is a show stopper in protecting data at remote sites – some choose not to implement a remote backup and recovery solution because of it.

Asigra Cloud Backup architecture is WAN-Optimized and built around copying data from remote locations to a centralized data repository by leveraging a Public and/or Private Cloud.

WAN optimized architecture

Asigra Cloud Backup is designed to protect remote office locations.  

  • Disk-based, block-level incremental client-side deduplication reduces backup bandwidth requirements
  • Agentless architecture means no application-specific clients, easing deployment of a backup and recovery software.

Learn how the British Red Cross backed up over 200 remote locations using Asigra Cloud Backup technology.

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