A fair way to pay for backup

Data has become the lifeblood of many businesses and it must be protected. But as data volumes grow exponentially, backup and recovery has become increasingly expensive. The problem is that a company pays based on how much data it backs up, so as its’ data volumes grow — and they are — the total cost of protecting it also rises.

Why pay for what you don’t recover?

At Asigra, we think this is unfair. A company only backs up data so that it can recover it when it needs to. It’s all about the recovery.

With current pricing models, how much data a company actually recovers never factors into the equation. Although an organization rarely if ever recovers 100% of its data, it is forced to pay as if it recovers 100% of its backup data. That’s not fair.

We developed an innovative, performance-based pricing model to reflect the true business value of backup and recovery, while delivering significant cost savings.

Discover performance-based pricing

The Asigra Recovery License Model® (RLM) is a patent-pending approach that gives enterprises the control they need to keep their backup costs low and predictable even as data volumes rise.

The new model provides analytical insights into the data an organization recovers and ensures that as it recovers less, it pays less.

Calculate your savings

The Asigra Recovery License Model typically provides immediate cost savings of 40%, and more than 60% over time. See how much you could save.


How it works

The Recovery License Model combines two separate licensing costs: one for backup and another for recovery. The two licenses are purchased together on annual basis:

  • Backup — a low fixed rate
  • Recovery — a variable rate that is set annually and changes year-to-year based on a Recovery Performance Score

The Asigra RLM features three major components to provide organizations with complete transparency into how pricing is set:

  1. Asigra Recovery Tracker™ — A powerful recovery analytics engine that generates actionable information, enabling IT operational efficiency improvements, performance-based savings as well as more control on backup costs. Learn more about how you can leverage recovery analytics to improve your operational efficiencies and save money.
  1. The Recovery Performance Score — Measured on a scale of 0-10, this calculation is based on the percentage of data an organization recovers over the course of a term. The scale corresponds to a price per GB that an organization pays over the course of the term. If an organization recovers a small percentage of data in the first term, the price per GB drops in the second term. Only successful recoveries count and the single largest recovery event in each term is excluded from the calculation.
  2. Recovery Drills — Priced separately at a lower price per GB and scheduled well in advance, recovery drills ensure all systems are operating properly and will meet RTOs and RPOs as set out in an organization’s business continuity plan and SLA. Recovery drills do not count toward the Recovery Performance Score.

Get more information

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