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Does Asigra Cloud Backup™ support Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business?

Yes, Asigra’s Cloud Backup™ supports Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

What retention options are offered for backups?

Asigra’s software provides very flexible and customizable retention policies beyond 30 days and is capable of storing data for long periods of time to meet the needs of your organization.

What limitations are there (if any) on data size of individual mailboxes, archives and OneDrive/SharePoint data?

We put no limitations on the data size or the amount of data being backed up. Asigra’s Cloud Backup™ is extremely scalable. The solution can scale from very small GB environments to multiple PB environments.

Is granular searching and recovery available?

Yes, our solutions allow users to perform granular file level recoveries.

Are journaling services provided?

Yes. This can be achieved through the retention feature included in Asigra Cloud Backup™.

Are status notifications and monitoring included?

We offer automated email alerts and notifications and the ability to monitor all backups through a web-based management console.

Is tenancy for the backup in data centres?

Yes, Asigra Cloud Backup™ is a multi-tenant software solution. Although we do not sell directly to end-users, our solutions are used by global Managed Service Providers to extend cloud backup services in the form of public, hybrid and private architectures. Asigra Partners can tailor the service to meet the varying needs of multiple customers; or if a private cloud deployment is required they are authorized to resell Asigra Cloud Backup™ software licenses.

Will Asigra Cloud Backup™ detect new users in Office365 and add them to a backup schedule?

Yes. Asigra Cloud Backup™ automatically detects new users in Office365. All new users will be shown in the GUI and they will need to be added (either individually or all users) to the backup schedule.

Can users be categorized for different backup retention schedules and frequency?

Yes, Asigra Cloud Backup™ allows the categorization of users for retention and backup frequency.

Do you provide a facility for exporting disabled users data back to Exchange or a .pst for mailbox data?

Yes. You can discuss how you would like to handle disabled users and what facets of exporting you would like included in this service with your local Asigra Partner.

Can you import the .pst files into an archive?

No, this feature is not supported at this time.

Is secure multi-purpose internet email extensions available in Asigra Cloud Backup™?



What is the cost for Asigra Cloud Backup™?

Asigra does not sell directly to end users. Our solutions are delivered via:

  1. Global Managed Service Providers: these providers deliver cloud backup services powered by Asigra in public, private and/or hybrid architecture.
  2. Partners: our partners either manage, co-manage or provide self-managed service. They tailor their solution to meet the needs and can resell backup software licenses.

Are there different pricing for Institutions vs. Businesses?

For pricing information click here to be in contact with an Asigra Partner in your local area. Someone will contact you within one business day.

Is there an additional price for Office 365 and SharePoint/One Drive?

For pricing information click here to be in contact with an Asigra Partner in your local area. Someone will contact you within one business day.

Is there an additional cost for data storage/Microsoft Azure instances for this back up or is it included in the cost?

Our partners either have their own data centres, co-locations or use public cloud environments like AWS or Azure. Therefore, pricing for data storage will need to be discussed with Asigra Partners. Click here to contact an Asigra Partner in your local area.

Interested in Seeing a Demo of our Solution?

One of our recoverability specialists will be in contact with you within one business day and would be happy to schedule a product demonstration with one of our engineers.

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