For Managed Service Providers

Asigra’s Cloud Backup platform was designed for Managed Service Providers to deliver managed backup and recovery services. With extended data protection for Tablets and Smartphones

Our technology incorporates everything MSPs need to deploy, provision and sell Cloud Backup as a service to enterprise and SMB customers. Asigra Cloud Backup also offers additional functionality and benefits, including extended data protection for mobile endpoints:

Expanded opportunities for MSPs to increase revenue:

  • Expanded coverage of mobile endpoints
  • Enabled consumer-grade endpoint service with the same platform

Improved profitability through:

  • An optimized administration interface
  • Virtual license management
  • Network operations and control
  • Multi-tenant support

Improved performance:

  • Multi-threaded operations
  • API integration to invoke industry-leading snapshots
  • Support for 10Gbps LANs

Asigra Cloud Backup includes a core software application designed specifically to deliver agentless backup/restore as a service. Our client can be centrally configured by the MSP or data center manager and mass deployed to hundreds or thousands of remote laptops within seconds. The client software then gets silently installed on these laptops for automated backups. Our client technology is not application disruptive because it does not require a reboot of the remote laptop.

A suite of add-on modules include functions, features and tools to perform superior backup and restore functionality across an IP WAN:

Multi-dimensional, multi-tiered billing system designed to save you the time and expense of developing or modifying your existing billing system, a process that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

SLA monitoring and management for easy monitoring and administration of SLAs.

Can integrate with your other systems, such as N-able, Level Platforms, and more.

Deep reporting, notification & audit trail to ensure you can track warnings, unprotected machines and whether backups are failing or succeeding.

Secure, multi-tenanted technology designed for a managed service offering.

Capacity-based licensing so you pay as you grow. Pay only for the aggregate amount of deduplicated, compressed data from across all clients. This cost effective licensing model keeps deployment costs low, even when delivering services for large organizations.

High availability with N+1 and replication eliminate the risk of downtimes

Role-based access to the vault - exclusive to business users (e.g. CEO or VP of Marketing) and technical operators (e.g. backup administrators) - so people don’t see data/information they shouldn’t or make unauthorized changes to the account.

Web portal provides customers with large and growing vaults to more efficiently manage a distributed environment.

Tiered Recovery allows you to expand your service offering by allowing customers to align the value of their data with the cost of protecting it. Find out how backup lifecycle management and local-only backup adds a new dimension to your service and allows you to offer tiered recovery solutions.

DS-Mobile client is purpose-built for laptops, tablets and smart phones and enables quick backup and recovery through intuitive wizards and options.


Schedule a technical overview of Asigra's Cloud Backup platform for service providers:

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