For many industries backup is critical, but none more than healthcare. Asigra Cloud Backup™ for Healthcare has been trusted by community hospitals, specialty clinics, multi-office doctor practices and other healthcare providers for years to protect their data like they protect the health of their patients.

Let our world-class proven cloud experience and technology combined with our network of service-oriented local partners give you the security of data backup and recovery every healthcare organization needs.

Discover the protection used by hundreds of healthcare organizations around the world

Used at numerous healthcare providers like you, plus more than 550,000 sites worldwide, the award-winning Asigra Cloud Backup software transforms the backup of your healthcare data. Here's how:

1. Backup so automatically dependable you can concentrate on healthcare

  • Ends your need to monitor backups and manage daily pickups
  • Avoids vulnerability of open ports in your system
  • Removes the vulnerability of onsite single-location storage
  • Eliminates the physical vulnerability of tape destruction, loss, or theft
  • Includes advanced 256-bit encryption for data transfer and storage
  • Provides backup logs to verify your backups are problem free and data transfer is complete
  • Assures quick access to recovered data when needed

2. Compliance that meets stringent healthcare requirements

  • Guarantees compliance with HIPAA and all other state and federal requirements, including Meaningful Use
  • Features increased audit trail capabilities that meet HIPAA regulatory compliance standards
  • Complies with European Directive on Protection of Personal Data, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

3. Comprehensive enough to back up all your data – even those mobile devices

  • Works with any healthcare vendor system
  • Automatically backs up operating systems, file systems, applications, tablets, smart phones and more
  • Works with all hardware and operating systems
  • Won't interfere with the primary operation of the medical facility in any way

4. Flexibility that grows with your organization so you never need to start over

  • Gets you off the endless server upgrade treadmill
  • Offers flexible backup scheduling for multiple backup sets
  • Easily expands and flexes as your healthcare organization grows and changes

5. Excellence that is recognized as outstanding in the industry

  • Storage Magazine Product of the Year: 2011 gold winner in backup and data recovery software and services; recognized as the first cloud backup software to protect the entire digital footprint.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant: Positioned in the 2011 "Magic Quadrant" for enterprise disk-based backup and recovery and the 2012 Magic Quadrant for enterprise backup/recovery software, based on the company's edge-to-core Asigra Cloud Backup™.
  • Forrester Recommended Vendor: One of only six providers to make Forrester's recommended list for enterprise data center deploymentin the 2010 market overview on enterprise-class backup and recovery.

6. Efficiency that delivers more value for the security dollar

  • Hundreds of healthcare organizations have chosen Asigra and its cloud backup service providers as their partners in cost-effective backup and recovery services.
  • Asigra is chosen by healthcare organizations with small to large budgets, from individual doctor's offices to multi-office clinics to general hospitals
  • The real value of backup and recovery services is experienced when the assurance of complete, clean data recovery is needed for reputation protection, regulatory compliance, and business continuity
  • For a cost quotation for your specific situation, contact your nearest Asigra Cloud Backup Service Provider.
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