Built for the Cloud

Asigra’s breakthrough Cloud Backup architecture combines a Cloud optimized scale-out architecture, a Cloud backup and recovery software platform, and a Cloud API and management system to seamlessly and efficiently manage, scale and deliver data protection services.

Cloud backup is quickly becoming a very appealing data protection option for many IT organizations. As data growth continues unabated and companies need to protect data in remote office, laptop and virtualized environments, traditional backup/restore is commonly incapable of completing backup jobs within the scheduled time. Recoveries on the other hand are usually a multi-layered exercise in frustration.

Asigra’s cloud backup solution is an end-to-end solution that is purpose-built to leverage virtualized environments, has built-in mobility support with scale, meets security standards and aligns the value of data with the costs of protecting it.

Asigra started developing cloud backup technology in 1986 by creating a platform that could deliver backup and recovery services over the telephone lines. Today - over 20 years later, with telephone lines being replaced by the internet - it remains the most efficient and secure cloud backup solution of its kind.

Over 1 Million sites worldwide are currently protected using Asigra technology in both private and public cloud environments.

Backup for Private Cloud Environments. Asigra Cloud Backup can be implemented with an organization’s existing corporate network (private cloud).  Asigra technology is built to capture less, ingest less, and store less data thus reducing the amount of backup software and storage hardware you buy and maintain.

Backup for Public Cloud Environments. Companies can turn to a managed cloud backup solution (public cloud) powered by Asigra technology.  It can be implemented exclusively at a cloud-connected remote location or deployed with the addition of a local cached copy of the latest backup data for quick and reliable ad-hoc recoveries.

To find a managed backup solution run on Asigra technology, look for the Powered By Asigra logo on the service provider’s website, or contact us to find a partner in your area.

Hybrid Cloud Backup. You do not have to choose whether to exclusively manage the corporate backups by maintaining your own infrastructure or completely outsource them by leveraging SaaS. You can adopt a Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Strategy as Asigra Cloud Backup allows alternating and seamless migration between the two without reinstalling the Data Collector Client software at each protected site. Also, you can easily migrate your backup data from your internal data center to an MSP’s facility or vice-versa using the Asigra migration tool. As your backup strategy evolves, whether you elect to retain the custody of your data or outsource custody to a trusted MSP, Asigra ensures that you always maintain control over your backup data - like money in the bank.

To learn more please contact an Asigra Cloud Backup specialist.

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