Asigra Cloud Backup™ on IBM SmartCloud

Asigra Cloud Backup software has been validated on IBM SmartCloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with the Ready for IBM SmartCloud Services mark. Through our partnership with IBM SmartCloud, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), System Integrators (SIs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), application developers, and end customers can backup data to and from Smartcloud as well as backup the cloud servers and data resident in SmartCloud.

Powering Backup with a Global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Leader

Cloud adoption is on the rise. With cloud backup and IaaS leading the way, the winning combination of Asigra Cloud Backup software running on IBM SmartCloud provides a wholly integrated cloud solution for both partners and end-customers. For MSP and SI partners, there is no longer a need to invest in upfront infrastructure to deliver a cloud backup and recovery service. Asigra Cloud Backup software can quickly and easily be provisioned in SmartCloud in a matter of minutes to launch a cloud backup service. SmartCloud customers can now easily backup their cloud servers and storage directly at a SmartCloud data center of their choice with just a few clicks of the mouse. Enterprises can create their own hybrid backup clouds by backing up their own on-premise data securely into Smartcloud. Independent Software Vendors and application developers can leverage a rich set of backup and recovery APIs and build data protection functionality directly into their SaaS and cloud applications to simplify application development and deployment. By embedding backup directly into application, backup becomes an attribute of the cloud computing experience.

Use Cases and Services Enabled

Asigra Cloud Backup software is built from ground up for cloud service delivery. A variety of backup services and uses cases are enabled by Asigra on SmartCloud:

For Managed Services Providers:

  • Public, Private, Hybrid cloud backup services
  • Virtual disaster recovery and offsite replication
  • Server and virtual machine backup services
  • Endpoint (desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones) backup services

For System Integrators:

  • Backup data migration services
  • Hybrid cloud integration services

For Independent Software Vendors and Application Developers:

  • Integrated and embedded backup
  • Application controlled backup

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For End Customers:

  • Backup SmartCloud servers and data
  • Hybrid cloud backup (backup from your data center into SmartCloud)
  • Offsite backup to another SmartCloud data center


For Managed Services Providers and System Integrators:

Faster time-to-market

Reduce the time it takes to implement a cloud backup service dramatically with an integrated turnkey backup software, servers, storage, and data center resources at your disposal. The preloaded Asigra images on SmartCloud make it easy for your service to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Enables a broad range of services

Asigra provides the broadest range of deployment topologies to support public, private, and hybrid cloud configurations. Combine that with our extensive backup support for most major operating systems, virtual machine hypervisors, databases, applications, and endpoint devices, Asigra enables the right backup and data protection service to meet the needs of your business or your end customers.

Align your business model and regain control

Other than simply reselling another cloud service, there were limited options to match a recurring revenue model to a recurring cost model. If a partner wanted to deliver their own cloud service, they needed to invest upfront in infrastructure as well as software. Now with Asigra Cloud Backup on IBM SmartCloud you can procure both your software and infrastructure in a recurring pay-per-use model to better align with your business model.  Furthermore, this allows partners to deliver their own service and regain control of the environment and customer base which they never had when they just resold another provider's service.

Value beyond software

Great technology will only get your business so far. Asigra does not sell direct and has a zero channel conflict policy. Instead, Asigra provides a dedicated partner development manager that helps with business planning, marketing, and sales support to help partners build their businesses and reduce the risks they face by investing in new technology. Through partnership Asigra helps partners drive business outcomes such as:

  • Faster recurring revenue growth and profits from cloud backup services
  • Larger addressable market and reach to capture more revenues
  • Better win rates on large strategic deals
  • Improved ROI marketing campaigns and demand generation

For Independent Software Vendors and Application Developers:

Seamless application data protection

Asigra Cloud Backup on IBM SmartCloud provides a rich set of backup and recovery APIs that allows ISVs to embed backup into their SaaS application to provide seamless data protection of their application's data. The ability to embed backup into their application allows for an integrated backup approach that matches their application's data handling capabilities and workflows. There is no longer a need to use a one-size fits all approach to backup and data protection for their applications. Backup becomes an attribute of the computing experience.

Deliver a higher level of service for your SaaS application

Read the service level agreements of any of the leading SaaS vendors and you'll find poor backup and data recovery commitments. It is the inconvenient truth that most SaaS applications are not as robustly protected and backed up compared to their on-premise counterparts. Asigra Cloud Backup on IBM SmartCloud provides enterprise class backup and recovery that can enable ISVs to provide a higher service levels for their application data running in the cloud. Different protection levels can be matched to different data sets, allowing ISVs full flexibility in defining their service levels. Moreover, subscribers to the SaaS offerings can now protect their SaaS data and meet their corporate backup responsibilities and compliance requirements, in the same way they do with on-premise data.

Simplify application development and deployment

In trying to address the gaps in backup and data protection in the cloud, many application developers either try to engineer their own protection scheme or try to offload this function at deployment time to other third-party replication and/or backup products. Much like cloud storage APIs have simplified data storage in the cloud, the Asigra backup and recovery APIs simplify embedding data protection into SaaS applications allowing for faster time to market and application development. Furthermore, application deployment is simplified as there is no longer the need to separately deploy backup as a separate silo.

For End Customers:

World class data protection

With over 25 years of experience Asigra is a pioneer and leader in backing up anything from core enterprise applications such as Oracle, DB2, and Exchange all the way down to consumer platforms such as Apple iOS or Google Android. More importantly, Asigra Cloud Backup provides restore and recovery assurance to ensure the integrity of backup data and validate that it is always recoverable.

Reduce business risk

Unprotected and unsecured data poses fundamental risk to your business. Asigra Cloud Backup on IBM SmartCloud makes it simple and easy for you to backup your data into the cloud or backup your SmartCloud cloud servers and storage helping to protect your business against data loss. With government certified NIST FIPS 140-2 security and encryption you can rest assured your data is safe and that you can meet your governance and compliance requirements.

Simplify IT and reduce costs

Whether you are a Fortune 500 enterprise or a small business the need to simplify IT and reduce costs is paramount. By leveraging cloud backup and IaaS, you can offload these IT tasks and focus on higher value projects rather than worrying about "keeping the IT lights on". With the simple pay-per-use model of cloud backup and IaaS the need for upfront capital investment and on-going costs of management, maintenance, and administration are eliminated.

The business opportunity

Asigra is a channel focused software vendor. We enable our global ecosystem of managed service providers (MSPs), system integrators (SIs), and independent software vendors (ISVs) to build successful and profitable data protection and backup services based on Asigra software.

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