Deliver Superior Data Protection Services

It has never been more important for companies of all sizes to protect their data for disaster recovery, compliance and business continuity. By offering proven, secure and reliable cloud backup and recovery services, your business will retain current customers and open up new opportunities for growth.

Asigra Cloud Backup™ is an enterprise-class software solution built for service providers to enable the maximum in security, reliability, manageability, and affordability. Whether you are new to backup and recovery or a veteran of the industry looking for a new cloud solution, Asigra can help you surpass customers’ most stringent requirements.

Succeed with Asigra

Transform how you and your customers protect their business information with an enterprise data protection software solution purpose-built for public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Service providers that are Powered by Asigra get:

Maximum Security, Reliability and Manageability

Offer your customers the ability to conquer the exploding complexity of recovering data rapidly, from the core to beyond the edge, in one reliable and easy-to-manage solution. NIST FIPS 140-2 certified for the highest standard in encryption security, Asigra Cloud Backup™ is an agentless, multi-tenant, hardware- and platform-agnostic software solution that combines a cloud optimized scale-out architecture, a cloud API and management system to efficiently deliver data protection services. Learn more about how Asigra’s hybrid cloud architecture works.

Fair Pricing Based on Performance

The true business value of a backup and recovery solution or services is in the assurance that enterprises can recover data when they need to. The Asigra Recovery License Model® (RLM) is performance-based pricing focused on recovery, not backup, and is unlike any other in the storage market today. The RLM is designed to provide immediate and long-term costs savings, improve IT operational efficiencies and greater cost predictability. Learn more about how the RLM works and how much you will save.

No Channel Conflict

Asigra does not sell direct to end customers. Our software solution is only sold through our partners, and we do not compete with them. We align our business success with yours in an integrated business partnership built around sales, marketing and technology.

Business Support

As pioneers in the backup industry, Asigra knows cloud backup and recovery better than anyone, and we are committed to sharing that industry knowledge to improve your business. Since 1986, we have cultivated a global ecosystem of partners comprised of service providers and resellers in our Hybrid Partner Program, which provides exclusive access to tools, conferences and customized business advice from our Recoverability Specialists. Discover how our Hybrid Partner Program can help grow your business.

Technical Support and Training

Our Technical Services Team is committed to delivering world-class support services to ensure that your business runs smoothly. We also help you develop your own professional expertise through training and certification programs, as well as provide various tools and resources that keep you current with industry developments. Find out more about our Training, Support and Professional Services Programs for Service Providers.

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