Introducing the Asigra SaaSBACKUP Platform

Protect your business-critical SaaS data against data loss with secured backup and fast recovery in a single platform.

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The Secure Platform to Back up the Widest Range of SaaS Applications

More businesses rely on SaaS applications today than ever before, generating more unprotected critical data. Many also believe that the SaaS vendor backs up their data as part of their service. They are wrong.

SaaS vendors follow the Shared Responsibility model. This means that the vendor provides the service, while the customer is responsible for identity/access and backing up their own data. Backup from most SaaS vendors is generally slow and costly, limited in functionality, and the data is not in a useful format. Many vendors recommend using a third-party service to back up your data.


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Rate of Data Loss

An average of 76% of companies experience data loss due to accidents or malicious deletions.* 

Source: ESG

Average Apps in Use

The average mid to large enterprise company uses 137 SaaS apps.  An average of 9 per user.

Asigra SaaSBACKUP offers an easy, affordable, and scalable way to back up and recover your business-critical SaaS app data.


Securely back up the widest range of SaaS applications on a single platform.


Conduct full and incremental automated backups with full or granular * recovery.



Built for MSPs with a multitenant design and a simple pay-per-use model.



Bring your own storage.  Use AWS or any other S3-compatible cloud storage platform.


Partners will ultimately have access to an SDK to enable backups for new SaaS apps.

* For those services where granular recovery is available.

Secure By Design

The new SaaSBACKUP platform is built on leading-edge AWS architecture, securing your SaaS data backup in the cloud and protecting it from unauthorized actions that could be destructive to the business.



Multiperson Approvals (MPA)

An industry-first feature that protects against credential theft, user error or insider threats.  Require multiple people to approve actions such as deleting a data set.



Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Configure MFA at the user account level and specify which of seven administrative actions require MFA and MPA intervention.



Advanced AES 256-bit Encryption

Asigra uses NIST FPS 140-2-level data encryption to protect your backup data at the highest security and compliance standards.

For Managed Service Providers

Asigra empowers MSPs by offering world-class backup and recovery services while increasing their market advantage. With Asigra SaaSBACKUP, MSPs can unlock new business opportunities and boost profitability in the fast-growing SaaS backup market. Expand your service portfolio and build new revenue streams through a cost-effective platform that is easy to use, implement and manage.

The platform is complementary to any backup solution you currently offer.

What Our Partners Say

With today’s hyper-focus on data security, SaaSBACKUP can be the one backup platform that enables IT leaders to protect all their SaaS applications and provide data recovery in the time they need it — whenever a disaster occurs.”

Brett Piatt CEO, CyberFortress
I’m really excited about working with Asigra. With Augmentt’s ability to provide a full inventory of all cloud applications in use, and Asigra offering back up services for so many applications, this partnership is going to help MSPs dramatically accelerate their business.”


Derek Belair CEO & Co-Founder, Augmentt

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Asigra SaaSBACKUP will be available in North America in Q3-2023 and Europe/UK in Q4-2023.