DS-NOC (Network Operations Center)

The DS-NOC is a Command Center that provides visibility and control of the entire Asigra environment via a web-based interface.

This birds eye view allows Service Providers the ability to react to fluid customer environments in real-time. The DS-NOC enables the following:

  • Drill down & view sub-segments of the environments
    • Email notifications and SNMP traps support. Frequency of email notifications and SNMP traps is configurable
    • Configurable severity of the events reported by backup activities on DS-Clients
    • Managing DS-System:
      • Browse for files/generations backed up
      • Restore generations
      • Deactivate / reactivate / lock / unlock DS-Clients
    • Managing BLM Data:
      • Browse Archive Packages
      • Search through Packages
      • Create, write, and download restorable images
    • Monitoring and notifications via email and SNMP traps for:
      • Service availability
      • Hardware issues
      • Network communication problems
      • Storage Quotas, Local-Only Quotas
      • License capacity usage
      • DS-Client service expiration
      • Invalid files on DS-System storage
      • Backup completion error severity
      • Disc/Tape Requests
      • Schedules did not trigger
      • DS-Clients that do not connect to DS-NOC
    • Monitor and view reports and logs for:
      • DS-System
      • BLM
      • DS-Billing

The DS-NOC has several advantages for Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs):

  • Remote download the required software and configuration of new customers
  • Remote visibility – allows web-based review of logs, accounting and archive activities
  • Remote visibility and control into different layers (Resellers, customers, etc.) of an MSP’s Asigra environment
  • Allows for browsing, packaging and downloading of archive packages from the Asigra Backup Lifecycle Manager (BLM)
  • Enables MSPs to resell wholesale vault space to another service provider
  • Allows a 3rd party MSP to create customer accounts and configure DS-Clients remotely
  • Single source to view your Asigra vault, archive, billing and logging information
  • Simplified administration and increased automation – automated and proactive management experience
  • Facilitates decision making with real-time visibility to actionable information
  • Shaves down operational costs and increases revenues.
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